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This is what I think of using a Planner for our business

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Planner Smlanner
Do you use a Planner?


Prepare weeks in advance?

Create posts to ‘post’ at a set date and time?


Okay, So Shawn and I have been very successful building websites and blogs for our businesses, and for others, for the past 15yrs. We owe much of our success with our Scentsy business, which has allowed us to be full time work from anywhere parents, to our online acumen.

This being said. We have NEVER used a planner or calendaring system. Like ever. I have ‘tried’ to look at them and have played around to see if using a ‘system’ would make our business more streamlined or efficient but I never seem to take the bait in full.

Sure, we know when to focus on ideas and marketing and posts based on the season and what specials we may have.

We know when there is a hot topic to take advantage of it for any business and site we run.

We know when our team need to hear from us and when we need to send email newsletters vs. Facebook group posts.

We have figured out what posts work on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and times to post.

Shawn is a very creative and artistic person. He hates having everything planned out. It takes the fun and creativity away from his process. There is NO WAY he would or could be constrained by a planner of any kind. Heck, I can’t even get him to close a drawer after opening it so…using a planner? Uh nope. I write him notes and leave them on his laptop before I go to bed if he needs to get something done on our sites for the next morning.

BOOM! Simple planning. Efficient. Done!

I consider myself a planner. I have always been one. I love a good plan.


I don’t like to use a ‘planner’ nor a handy dandy ‘system’ for all of my plans.

Planner messI use to like using sticky notes. When I worked in Seattle I would write notes of things to do and then stick them around my computer monitor and then toss them as I completed each task.

My other method was to scribble on those large desk calendars that my company constantly bought us. I’d write sideways, crooked, drew doodles, spilled coffee and even food bits on it. I’d cross off completed tasks.

I don’t use post-its any longer but do use spiral notebooks. I always have one for my scribbles and notes. It’s super organized but would make someone who loves planners and phone apps go mental with my notebook mess.

I have made Microsoft Access databases for our various businesses over the years. I’ve always been a computer geek and the idea of having everything nice, neat, organized and in an easy to read and find database totally got me all orgasmic.

I’d spend days and nights creating and beautifying and linking and tying all the fields together, making form pages and more. Each time they would be gorgeous, functional and…after 2 days – I hated it.

I didn’t like the constraints. I liked making the databases way more than using them.

Over the years I have learned to trust myself. Trust my own systems and way of doing things.

If it ain’t broke then why do I keep trying to find different ways to do it?

What systems do you use as your Planner?

I like taking a few times a day to think of my businesses and sites. I might be on the couch, in the car, on the toilet (yes, I do some of my best work there) out for a walk or in bed.

Maybe I’ve come up with a new recipe idea to play with for my cooking blog. Perhaps I was chatting with Shawn on one of our walks and worked out an idea that I implement when we return. I take pictures that make me laugh and then share those photos or stories which engage my readers on social media.

Then there are times that I see something pop up that I need to let our team know about or handle or take advantage of, like a sale or deal that is timely to post.

I like doing things on the fly. I think better this way. I work better this way. I seem to be more successful this way as well.

I LOVE spending 15 minutes in the morning taking an idea and marketing it on all the various social media sites appropriately and then posting something on our team page. Do something else in the Afternoon and then usually again in the evening. 3 times a day, no longer than 1hr a day for social media posting.

Isn’t there something to be said for spontaneity? Creativity. Being in the moment?

Yes, those Erin Condren planners are super pretty and I have a LOT of friends who love them. I have looked at them wishing that I actually wanted one. Wouldn’t it look so pretty? Look at all the stickers and Washi Tape and special pens I could get to use to write in it. Then I look away and realize that I’d never ever ever use it. Our daughter wants one though. She loves planners and crafting and scrapbook making. She uses her planners every single day. I see the need for planners like this – for people like my daughter.

Today I saw this planning system show up in one of my groups on Facebook. I again took the bait to see if I really am missing the boat on planners. Was this system going to revolutionize our business and my life?

I MUST CHECK IT OUT!  It’s called Trello.  Some people said they LOVE it so I had to see if maybe I’d love it too.
Planners oy vey

This is how far I got…the front page of their website. I saw this photo of all the ways to plan and progress and I went cross eyed. Literally. My Eyes Crossed. They are still a bit crossed. Here it is…Good luck uncrossing your eyes too.

Are you still with me? Are your eyes okay?

This just jumped out at me as something that just looked way more of a mess really. Look at all those columns and sections. SMH

I like life a bit more old school I guess.

Anyway, I wrote this to share that it’s OKAY to do what works for you. If we all used the same systems and were all the same, all of our work would probably look the same as well.

Whether you are a post it queen, a planner and washi tape using fanatic or a user of all the coolest planning apps the market has to offer…



4 thoughts on “This is what I think of using a Planner for our business”

  1. Wendy,
    I met you through Scentsy at a Reunion years ago and follow and connect with you on FB oftern. I do realize by reading your blog we are more alike than I have realized. I also realize what a neat person you are . Love your family so much and since my dancer is grown now and has a little one I live vicariously through Sam and your fam. LOL This post absolutely had me rolling as I am EXACTLY the same way. I even have notebooks with scribbles and coffee drips too. I also have longed for the fancy planners and the closest I get is Evernote to keep my notes and clippings in. LOL I have thrown away tons of stupid little planners and calanders people have given me. I hate them. I’m also anxiously awaiting your Nomad travels too. Love and hugs and keep it real as always woman.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I know who you are and see your posts too. I love blogging, and reading other blogs, because you do find commonalities with others that you may not have realized or even just knowing that someone else thinks the way you do – when you feel maybe like you are the ‘only one’ – feels great. Thank you for reading my posts and I can’t wait to start posting about our adventures. The planning part is a bit more boring and annoying so I’m not writing about it as much right now because it sucks. Soon though I will be writing about other things. I promise to keep it real REAL! 😉

  2. Wendy,

    As a new consultant I thank you so much for your guidance and help. I don’t get much here unfortunately. I signed up thinking my sponsor would help out along the way and since I joined she’s invisible. Sad. But you are my inspiration!! You are amazing and I appreciate you sharing your journey with me and the rest of the world!!


    1. Thank you Ronda. You are so sweet. The great thing about Scentsy is that you don’t need to have a relationship with your Sponsor. There are so many Upline Directors you can reach out to. One thing I suggest is calling support and seeing who your Directors are above you. reach out to them and let them know they you’d like to join their FB team page or group to participate and learn. Make sure to do this because having a sense of community is really important

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