African fertility gods or poop faeries

African Fertility Gods or Poop Faeries?

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Can these be both Poop Faeries and African Fertility Gods?

When I was putting everything out for our gazillionth garage sale today, I found these statues in two different boxes and put them together. I haven’t actually seen them together since Sam was little.  I had this moment where I was taken back through time to why we even had them in the first place.

Shawn bought us these wooden African Fertility Gods when we were trying to get pregnant with Sam. African fertility gods or poop faeries

We tried and tried and…tried some more, to get pregnant and we were both kind of depressed that not only were we still not pregnant but that sex was becoming a chore instead of fun.

How much does that suck?

We were out wandering around Redmond Town Center with Alex and Shawn meandered into a little boutique. He was in there for quite some time. He had the biggest grin on his face when he came out.

Shawn had a bag in his hand and sat down on a bench with me and told me about all the cool stuff in the store and that he bought something special for us.

He takes out the goddess first and I was like – Um, Yea…just what I’ve been wanting… a wooden naked African woman with beads.

Shawn saw my face and confusion and realized he needed to start telling me why the heck he bought this.

Next, he shows me the male and then explains that he was chatting with the woman in the boutique and was just looking around and asking what some of the things were. She showed him these two lovelies and explained that they were African Fertility Gods.

He told her a bit about what we were going through as Shawn is also a sharer and was convinced that these statues would help us or at least make us feel better and more relaxed.

I felt like a total jerk for my initial thoughts about these statues. I mean, sure, they weren’t my aesthetic but I LOVED THEM. Really, I loved them.

I loved what they were.

I loved that Shawn was thinking about having a baby and wanted to get good juju (also African BTW) for us.

I loved the look on his face as he was walking over to me after leaving the store.


I loved the hope and love in his eyes.

We were very teary sitting there on that bench.

We became pregnant a couple months later!

Now, WTH are Poop Faeries?

Sam was a pain in the ass to potty train.

He was awesome at peeing in the toilet and outside (thanks to his dad)

Pooping however was another matter.

He REFUSED to poop on the toilet and only would go in his pull-up.

So frustrating at 3yrs old because he wasn’t allowed to go to preschool if he wasn’t fully out of pull-ups.

We were on a mission: Potty Train Sam in time for Preschool starting in the fall  He would be 3 1/2

I don’t think I can truly describe all the ways we tried to help Sam want to poop on the toilet.

He was so stressed out because he said that it hurt to poop on the toilet but not standing and in his pull-ups – that felt better.

We read all kinds of different ideas and training for how to help him. He really did want to go poop on the toilet and not in is pants but, he just wouldn’t pull the trigger.

The moment he’d come off the toilet he’d put on his pull-ups and poop easily which was so frustrating.

Alex was so easy. It was HER idea to potty train when she was 15 months old. She wanted panties super bad. I didn’t even have to do much but sit with her and cheer her on and help teach her how to wipe.

I knew I’d get payback for having such an easy time with her. Enter Sam.

One day, after struggling yet again with potty time, I was sitting on the floor of our bathroom and was chatting with Sam. That’s when I noticed the Female African fertility god on a low shelf in my bedroom from the angle I was sitting.

I had an idea!

Shawn and I were at our wits end. I was ready to let Sam keep crapping in his pants because I was so tired of the struggle and so was he. I think Sam thought his butt would fall off if he pooped outside of a diaper or pull up.

I brought it into the bathroom and told Sam that I had a surprise for him.

His eyes got all big – sitting there on the toilet!

Anywho, I told him that we had a visitor and that she was here just for him.

His eyes got even bigger.

I pulled her out from behind my back and set her on the counter. He looked at her and said “What it is?” He never said ‘what is it’ but always What it is! So cute.

I explained that she was ‘The Poop Fairy”

He was all like “What are poop faeries?”

I explained that the poop fairy came to help kids who had a hard time pooping on the toilet. He was so excited and wanted to know how she helped.

I’m super good at coming up with stories for kids so I went for it. I used my imagination and came up with a story…

“Well, every time you have to poop you make sure the poop fairy is with you in the bathroom. You talk to her and just chat when you are sitting on the potty and play with her beads. You can even shake her around to make her beads make sounds. She makes it easier for you to poop because she’s the poop fairy”

He was so happy. He asked me if she was like the tooth fairy but with poop instead of teeth. He was so cute and I was working overtime not laughing because he said it so seriously and earnestly.

Sam was fascinated by her. He wanted to hold her and touch her. I shook her around him and said something tribal but…I think I sounded more like an Indian around a campfire.

We did this routine every time he went potty. Sometimes he would just hold onto her and play with her beads while sitting on there.

When he would talk to her he didn’t even need a response back. It was so cute and distracting from the stress of why were were in the bathroom for hours on end.

It didn’t happen right away but within a few weeks of introducing Sam to poop faeries – he took his first poop on the toilet and his butt didn’t fall off.


Thank you Poop Faeries! Thank you African Fertility Gods!

Regardless of what these statues are, they were in our lives to help us get pregnant with Sam and they helped Sam to feel comfortable to poop on the toilet and…he was able to start Preschool on time!

Thank you Shawn for bringing these fairies into our lives because without them, maybe we wouldn’t have Sam. Maybe he would be crapping his pants at 14yrs old without them.

I’m so happy we have them and our little, wonderful family and that we all poop on the toilet!

Even though we are selling all our possession – I can’t get rid of these guys. They will be kept in storage with a handful of keepsakes we can’t part with. If we ever have a permanent home again make sure to look for them on a shelf of importance.


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