Problem in our Country

Believe me, You are part of the problem in our Country

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I’m so irritated and tired of divisiveness regarding our election process and candidates in this country. Believe me when I tell you that YOU are part of the problem.

YOU are who I’m talking to.

YOU who posts things on Facebook with snarky images putting down a candidate from whatever side you are on.

YOU who argues with your “Friend” who has an opposing view to yours and then decides to block or unfriend them – because you think they are a moron or you can’t possibly be associated with someone who thinks this way.

YOU are a problem.

YOU aren’t doing anything to find common ground or understand where others might be coming from.

It’s crazy to me that I can grow as a person and even change some of my political stances and views based on my personal and business experiences over the years and YOU think that maybe I’m no longer sane or care about any of the things I did previously.

That’s crazy right?  We should all be progressing and learning on our life journey and in doing so we may change ‘some’ of our thoughts and beliefs.  I would hate to think that my 19yr old self couldn’t ever change her stance or thoughts based on experiences.

We got our Ballots in the mail last week and I was reflecting on my past Presidential Voting history.Problem in our Country

I voted for the first time in 1992 at 19yrs old – for Bill Clinton.  I though he was great.  He made me hopeful for my future.

I thought Republicans were stupid hicks from Texas (yes, I was young and stupid) who hated gays, a woman’s right to choose and were all about raising taxes.

I wasn’t someone who sparred with people about my views.  Instead I kept them to myself and silently judged them.

As I got older, had kids and owned my own business – I was still thinking more like a Democrat.  I wanted to ‘give’ more to people, the environment, human rights, etc. but some of the business practices of Democrat values were not quite as clear cut for me as they once had been. However, the alternative of voting Republican and putting another Bush in office was not something I wanted to embrace so – I voted Democrat – and lost.

I didn’t like what our country had become.  When Obama was running for office I was all about embracing change, togetherness, better healthcare, etc.  He seemed like a fantastic game changer for our country.

I didn’t care that he was black, a man, or that his name ‘sounded’ Muslim.  I cared about what he said he stood for and would make happen.

I was hopeful.

Now, I don’t blame any single President or even any particular ‘party’ for how I see the state of our country or how the people in it are feelings and acting towards one another.

I do think it sucks that there are only 2 “Official” parties in our country and that the others such as Liberal or Independent or even Socialist are completely ignored and viewed as not really being worth covering by the media.

I do blame YOU and ME and THEM.  We can only control ourselves and how we act.  What we say. Who we vote for. What we stand for.  What we teach our kids.


Our differences are what make us strong together.  If all of my friends thought exactly like me then the world would be so vanilla and boring.

I learn the most from those who are different than me, Have opposing views or perspective, Different lifestyles and ideals.

The only think I can’t handle is hate speak.  I’m not talking about some moronic things someone might say off the cuff but like REAL hate speak.  Someone who truly hates.  I mean, we all say stupid shit sometimes, I know I do.  Sometimes I’m totally irritated at myself when some random thing pops into my head or even out of my mouth.  I cringe.  I do. This doesn’t fully define me though but instead teaches me.

Look, I know that our currently Presidential Candidates might not be ideal but they are the only ones left standing and even volunteering for the toughest job in the world.

Sure, I might dislike some of them or even make fun of their voices (one in particular grated on my nerves – it was his tone) and I don’t want to listen to them speak for 4yrs – but I also don’t think he’s a bad man or that he isn’t doing what he thinks is right from his perspective, beliefs and life experiences.  Kudos to him for even throwing his hat into the race.

I don’t envy what they are going through.  They may not all think exactly how I do but they are at least trying to do what they believe is right for the country.

I admire them all for that.

We are a hard group of people to lead – or to try and lead at least.

My hope is that if YOU are reading this that you look at yourself and see if what YOU are posting and saying is HELPING or creating more unrest and divisiveness.

Are you trying to understand and find commonalities with one another or are you trying to make feel stupid and ‘wrong’ for having their thoughts?

Sure, I think some of what you are posting is Stupid but I know that it’s because you care and are passionate about what you believe.  I don’t think YOU are stupid though.

Just think about what you are saying and doing before you press that send button.  Do you only want friends who think exactly like you? Do you want to unite people and make this country better for real – or just bitch and cut others down?

I’ve had a couple people tell me that they were considering ‘unfriending’ me on Facebook because of a political page I liked.

That’s just crazy to me.  Doesn’t that seem crazy to you?

Our daughter will be voting for the first time this year as an 18yr old.  She’s watched every single debate from all sides and has come up with her own set of opinions and beliefs – many which differ from her peers.

For the very first time in my life I am voting Republican.  Trust me, I was just as shocked to have checked this box myself. Really!  Do pigs fly? My 19yr old self would be looking down her nose at my 43yr old self for checking that box.  But, I don’t blame her.  She hasn’t been through nor experienced all that I have in these past 24yrs.

Problem in our Country
Yup, For the first time Ever in my life, I registered as a Republican.

Anywho, be kind to one another.  Be thoughtful of those who have differing views.  Instead of assuming they are morons – maybe ask them WHY they think what they think.  I mean, you aren’t going to make me change my opinions by being a jerk to me but I might be open to your insight if you had an open conversation explaining why YOU think what you do and why.  Maybe I’d share why I think what I do.  Doesn’t that seem more civilized, thoughtful and unifying than just being dicks to one another and then unfriending and blocking one another?

Well, that’s what I’d prefer at least.



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