1972 hot momma

Purging means a lot more frequent trips to the Dump!

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Feeling Accomplished today with our purging.  I got all of our Photo Albums scanned into our Google Drive along with a TON of packages of developed film spanning a 20 year period.  All of Alex’s 1-2nd grade journals, drawings, report cards, have all been sorted, digitized and tossed out.

Look at how big these bags are!  We definitely need to make more frequent trips to the dump over the next 5 months.  Purging

These bags are FILLED and Heavy.  Photo Albums, 20yrs worth of pictures, craft projects, artwork, journals and all kinds of keepsakes I’ve saved for the kids since before they were born.

I have only scratched the surface though of the kids keepsakes from their entire lives thus far.  Purging is actually quite exhausting and grueling.  I hadn’t anticipated the toll on my body from being hunched over for hours and hours scanning in everything.  Oy Vey.  I need a Massage.

We even emptied out old picture frames to sell, give away and throw away.  purging

My Living Room looks a little better tonight after slaving away all day.  I will share though that I found THIS picture of my Mom from 1972 (the year before I was born) wearing this very 70’s outfit!  Go Mom!  That’s my Dad working on the car and my Aunt (my mom’s little sister Sheila) behind her.

1972 hot momma
Nothing Like finding pictures of my Mom and Aunt wearing Hot Pants.

I know now why I had Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These Boots are Made for Walking‘ running through my head all day.  These two and their boots!


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