A lifetime of pictures and keepsakes

And, the Purging of pictures and keepsakes begins

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Well, we are 160 days from our departure date and our nomadic travels.  The time has come for the purging of pictures and keepsakes.


Look at all this…  And, that is one Teensy Eensy Itty Bitty amount of keepsakes all over our Living Room.  Purging

To me, Purging sounds awesome and awful. What if we want to ‘touch’ pictures? Well I guess we can just print off whatever we want to touch right?

On the awesome side, uploading everything we purge means that we can see all of our keepsakes and pictures anytime we want as long as we have WiFi.

I set up my Printer/Scanner and Laptop as my uploading station.  I am uploading everything to our Family Google Drive so that whatever we do decide to keep in Storage, if it is stolen or ruined (by fire, flooding, etc) will always be preserved online – unless of course Google goes under.A lifetime of pictures and keepsakes

So, Everything in the top Bin with the White Lid is Alex’s from 1-2nd grade including baby shoes and every bit of developed, and un-developed film, that we have.

How cute are these sandals of Alex’s when she was a wittle baby?  A lifetime of pictures and keepsakes

The cardboard box has all of our family photo albums that I scanned – a daunting task if I’m being honest.

After sitting on the floor for hours just sorting things and trying to make piles for ‘files’ to make on our Google Drive I was all hunched over.  I’m getting old and need to stretch more.  My butt was sore too.

A lifetime of pictures and keepsakes

Anywho. I made my little scanning office and got 1/2 of everything scanned from these piles – so far.

I then had a conversation with both kids.

What do you want to keep?  These are all your things.  We’ve been saving them for you since you were born.  From your Hospital wristbands to our favorite baby clothes, every one of their school art projects, letters to us, cards, journals, report cards and pictures.  You name it, I saved it.  The purging is necessary if we are to live the life we all desire.

Neither of them want to store much.  Just a handful of things really.  Some of the end of year projects/folders they made from Elementary school, some baby things.

Additionally, they have decided to ‘read’ and make videos of their journals and special letters to be saved to ‘show’ their future family’s.  So, here’s just one Video of Alex reading some 2nd Grade Journals.

And, I now need to go back to our Storage Unit and get more memories to digitize and throw away.  Just one of a Gazillion things on our Purging list.




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