Resources I Recommend

Why not share with you the products, places, brands, and Resources we use in our life.  If you see someone wearing a cool pair of shoes and want to know where they got them – this is the same thing.  I am sharing the products I personally endorse, use and love.  This list is ever changing and being added to.  I will also remove resources from this page if necessary as well.


We love movies and purchasing tickets online via their phone app is awesome.  We’ve used this service for years and we find that their online reviews, movie times, how long a movie is, etc. is the most accurate.


Scentsy Fragrance
Yup, not only is this business how we pay our bills and support our family, we use these products every single day.  From all the Candle Warmers we have around the house, the different wax scents, room sprays in the bathroom, buddy’s on the kids beds, scents we wear on our bodies daily, laundry products we use for our clothes and sheets and even the gifts we give. Scentsy is a very big part of our life because we have great products but also for what this business has done for our family.

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Vibe Dance Studio
This studio has been an amazing place for our son to not only grow as a dancer in all genres of dance but he’s found a kind, caring and compassionate place to dance where he is lifted up.  He’s found confidence in himself at this studio and even earned a spot on their competitive Dance Company Team.  If you are looking for a place to have your kid take a drop in class tell them “Sam Robinson Sent Me”.

Village Theatre Kidstage
People ask us all the time about what Kidstage is and what it’s all about.  Would it be a good place to bring your kid?  There is Acting, Dancing and Singing opportunities for professional shows, summer and year round classes & camps, Institute and Pathway classes that are year round for those wanting to pursue the theatre.  So much more.  Check it out.