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Twice the charm at Moon Palace All-Inclusive Resort Cancun

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We have been to the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun twice now. Once in January 2014 and the most recent visit was January 2019. We earn trips every year from working hard at our Scentsy Business.

We’ve been Independent Consultants and SuperStar Directors with Scentsy, Inc. (a Fragrance Direct Sales company) since December 2008. I can’t even count how many trips we’ve earned at this point. We earn 1-2 every year and these trips are what spurned our love of travel and our business gave us the tool to work nomadic and location independent. **Click here for our Income Disclosure Statement

One of our favorite trip locations is the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun Mexico. Cancun is a tropical place with beautiful blue waters, there’s a lot to do and it’s a pretty safe place to go as a tourist. The Moon Palace is part of the Palace Resorts Chain.

2014 Visit

As I mentioned, we’ve been to the Moon Palace twice. Our first trip in 2014 was just us and all the other consultants who earned a trip. We stayed in a beautiful room with a huge jetted tub near the deck with a room overlooking a courtyard with a little peek towards the ocean.

One of the most memorable parts of our trip included having some friends, Ryan and Brandi, get married while there and invite us to participate. We had fun celebrating them all week and ended the trip with their intimate and beautiful beach wedding.

brandi and ryan wedding scene moon palace
Brandi and Ryan’s Beach Wedding – isn’t it beautiful?
Photo Credit Moon Palace

The Moon Palace Resort is a great place to have your wedding whether planned or impromptu – they can help.

We went in all the pools, walked all over the property, hung out at the Swing Bar – a Lot – and just had a great time as a couple.

Moon Palace 2019

When we returned in 2019 we brought both our sons, Sam (17) & Sebastian (1 year old). We didn’t go to any of the planned Scentsy events because we chose to bring our kids and they aren’t allowed at the corporate events on incentive trips unless they are under 12 months old and nursing.

I can’t share any photos of Sam as he is a performer and under contract but, I will share all kinds of pictures of Sebastian!

We stayed in a Double Full Bed Room and we had the Jetted Tub (all the rooms do) in the living area.

Nightly Entertainment

One of my very favorite moments of our 2019 Trip to Cancun was Shawn and Sam dancing on stage. Again, I can’t share what Sam did but I can share Shawn’s part. OMG. I about PEED when he fell. DYING. So funny. He’s 48yrs old there and was the oldest person on stage by at least 15 years.

The professional dancers were from Sam’s old dance studio in Playa Del Carmen which is run by Pepe, the Owner and one of the best breakers in the world, and his wife Joanna. It was so fun being able to see them in Cancun. The performance was outside on a stage where all kinds of nightly entertainment are held.

Pool Time

We spent a lot of time at the pool chatting with old and new friends, meeting people who weren’t there with Scentsy and just having fun with our boys. I especially loved watching Sam and Sebastian play with one another.

Here are some of photos of this trip. A lot of the time we were just in the moment and didn’t take many photos. That’s both good and bad right?

Low Season

January is a great time to visit Cancun. Not too hot, not too cold. Not a crazy amount of tourists. Off season is when we prefer to go to any country. The Moon Palace in Cancun is a great place to stay.


The Buffet’s are just standard fare as you would expect in any All-Inclusive. The wonderful thing about this Resort is that it is part of a large resort chain AND 2 large resorts are easily accessible on the same beach. This means you can go to any of the restaurants, pools and public places on site. They have shuttle buses all day and evening between the 3 resorts. You can also visit any of their other resorts along the Peninsula while you are there which is an added perk. They are just a taxi ride away. the Japanese restaurant Momo (make reservations the moment you check in) was our favorite of them all.

Awe-Spa Moon Palace

I also had a day at the spa – Awe Spa. I had a facial and massage and used some of our resort credits. The services were wonderful and it was great to have some time away from the boys and just have some relaxing down time. I highly recommend the spa at Moon Palace if you can use your resort credits or pay for it directly. There are areas like the pool and hot room and the saunas you can use before and after. Not a big area but very peaceful and relaxing. If you go, make sure to try the juices

Facilities and Grounds

Shawn has folded at the Moon Palace both times. Once with friends and then this last time with Sam. He had a great time both times but says to get your tee time for the earliest possible start because it gets really hot out and to also dress appropriately for a nice course (think collared shirt, rockets and proper shoes)

The other thing to note is that there are a million pools (there’s really like 9 but they are huge and windy) and areas to hang out for a day in the sun or shade. You can go out early and out your towels out and get your spots set up for after breakfast if its the busy season but you’ll be fine in low season unless you only like one spot.

We aren’t sand people but love a view of the beach. The beach is pristine and they rake all the seaweed from the beach daily.

Kid Friendly?

Sure is. They have a great kids pool but Sebastian was too little to really enjoy it.

There is also a kids play area. A building just for kids. It’s free to use but you do have to stay with your kiddos. It’s not a daycare or babysitting service.

Lots of pool games daily and there is the surf simulator that is always a big hit for the bigger kids.

Bring your stroller or wrap carriers as the grounds are immense. There are candy and ice cream shops in each hotel and plenty of kid-friendly foods. Q

Is Cancun Safe

We lived in Playa del Carmen for 5 months prior to going to Moon Palace the 2nd time. From July – December 2017 we were residents.

We are well acquainted with the area from there to Cancun. Cancun is a SAFE place for tourists. Just be smart. If you are going out drinking all night then do so at the resort and don’t leave. If you visit town then that is the only time you need to really be thoughtful about safety but only when doing things like partying or if you are into drugs or late night activities. It’s just like any other big city – Use common sense, be aware of your surroundings and don’t do stupid and reckless things.

Review Summary

Check out the Moon Palace Resorts if you want a fantastic vacation, gorgeous location, good eats, wonderful white sandy beaches and crystal clear pools. Also, all-inclusive is always a great addition to any resort. We will definitely be back and would live to go to one of the other Moon Palace Resorts.

**Here is some legal stuff I have to post about our Scentsy business…
Results may not be typical. For average Consultant earnings, see the Income Disclosure provided by Scentsy. https://imagelive.scentsy.com/cmsimages/files/Resource%20Library/Scentsy%2C%20Inc.%20Documents/R1-USEN-2019-IncomeDisclosureStatement-Final.pdf


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