Review of Colonel Allensworth SHP – John L. Whitehead Jr. Campground – Campsite – 10

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Well, how could we not kick off our “homeless on purpose” adventures without our first stop being at a small historical preservation site with signs all around stating “Don’t pick up Hitchhikers – State Prison nearby!”

Like honestly – we couldn’t have been more thrilled. For real. We didn’t see any hitchhikers unfortunately as that would’ve really made our day but we were also happy to not they the campgrounds were a very long and hot walk away.

We left Burbank to head on up towards Napa and then back for 2 weeks. 1 full week of camping and then a week of staying with friends before coming back to Burbank for a short stay so our son could take his final school exams and leave the country with his newly acquired Visa.

Anywho, we pulled into the very sleepy site at Colonel Allensworth SHP in the John L. Whitehead Jr. Campground – Campsite – 10

There were only a handful of sites and a small building for restrooms and showers.

We arrived around 5pm and no one was onsite to check our credentials so we just moosied on in.

We booked our site on
The California State Parks online reservation system.

The site had a roof and picnic table and had lots of holes for critters and also…ants. Lots and lots of ants.

They truly didn’t bother us much but they were all over. This is a wide open area and there is some shade from trees but overall it’s just pretty barren.

We had set up our tent and thinking of how we were going to rearrange all our crap in the van. To make more room or get rid of more crap…which we did manage to do.

Yay! First time setting up our tent
Sebastian getting cozy in his new car bed
Trying to take a selfie in bed… This was the best I could get

There were only 2 other campers there when we arrived and one more came that night.

We set up our tent and got our minivan ready for our first night of sleep on the road.

We took cold showers that evening and the toilets were clean enough. The whole restroom situation could have used a bit more of a once over but for $27 a night I wasn’t going to complain.

The sunset was really pretty and I was reminded of an African safari landscape. What do you think?

We were only there one night and had Intended to go view all the historical buildings and do the tour that next morning but truly… Don’t waste your time. Look up everything you want to know about Colonel Allensworth – as he is a really interesting guy and had a unique vision for a fully run black community.

Also, the buildings are basically empty small shack like buildings. The most interesting things there were all the little critters like the Chipmunks and bunnies.

Early the next morning as we were picking up our junk around camp to prepare for our move… A ranger drove up and requested we fill out an envelope and form even though we had already reserved the site online.

And then they started cutting the grass (more like hay) right along our site. We basically got crop dusted and hit with flying dust and grasses. No warning or asking us to maybe close our doors and tent.

Also, I can imagine they people can sneak in at night, camp and then leave by sunrise and avoid paying a fee in the off season.

Overall, this is a good and safe place to stay the night as long as you don’t pick up any hitchhikers!


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