Review of Millerton Lake SRA – Meadows Loop (sites 91-148) – Campsite – 36FT Standard Campsite-115

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What a beautiful drive around the lake to get to our campsite. The drive there wasn’t much to look at but as you come up the mountain and the lake comes I to view it really is quite pretty.

Millerton Lake SRA is in Friant, CA. We booked our stay online through the California Parks and Recreation site. It was $37.99 total for 1 night in the spot I chose. In case you don’t know… Friant is just outside of Fresno.We picked this park because of its location and it was on the path to our next destination.

The good news is that this is a very friendly and we’ll managed park and campsites. The facilities are clean and the showers are hot for some quarters. There are boat launches and our site had lake access.The bad news is that there wasn’t a universal are where other campers who are not near the lake can access… So they just trudge through YOUR sites and don’t seem to ask or say Hi along the way.

No one camps on the beach in this loop. Your sites are up on the hill and you have to walk down a ways. Many people set up day tents and tie up their water toys and claim their spots.

We didn’t swim in the lake as it was kind of murky and slimy from birds.

Also, we are water snobs. We’ve traveled the world and been in the most beautiful waters you can imagine from clear water of Koh Rong Cambodia to the turquoise beach of Unawatuna Sri Lanka and the crystal blue Waters of Galipolli Italy. So, we now have a hard time going in lakes that seem a little murky.

The site was large and it had a bear cabinet to put perishables in but I saw no bears and I can’t even imagine a bear getting into this area.The campers around us were all friendly. The site was a bit uneven so if you have a tent and a vehicle you just have to move tables around and such. Lots of bugs and ants here but overall a nicely shaded spot.

We got here late in the day and left very early the next morning so we weren’t there long enough to get to know the property better. Busy and popular lake. Also, Shawn had to go to the nearest gas station, about 15 miles away, to get some firewood. So make sure you stop to get any last minute necessities before you start up the hill.

Funny aside… When he was there he saw a woman smoking – AT THE PUMP and talking on her cell phone. He was worries so he told the guys inside and thy just shrugged and said that people don’t all the time.WTAF?Like honestly. He got the hell out of there before the place blew up. The employees weren’t kids – 5hey were in their 30’s and the woman had kinds in the car.

So, perhaps avoid the only gas station in town there unless you like to live on the edge


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  1. Thank you for your post. Totally coincidental that I booked the same site today and I keep going back and forth on what the best decision is since we have never been. We have 3 dogs we are bringing and we were told since it’s flat and not as rocky (beach access wise) this area would be the best, but it is a high traffic area. I’m so confused on if I should keep this site or try something by Rocky Point/Mono. Oh the dilemma 😉 Thank you so much again!

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