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I wanted to love this. I really did. We have a 3-year-old and also 2 adult children who are 19 & 23. One lives in Japan and the other in Seattle and my husband and I travel full-time, with our toddler, all over the world.

Our toddler, Sebastian, loves and misses his older siblings and grandparents. When we were approached to try, and then review, this book and App program from My Audio Book, I was excited.

Like how cool would it be for Sebastian to have books read to him by his siblings and even his grandparents when he’s not with them? I knew he’d love it. He would probably beg for this book every single night.

We received the package and it included a book, Eli’s Star by KJ Robinson, along with a star-shaped Bluetooth to listen to the recorded stories.

The first thing you need to do is download the app for your iPhone or Android in their app stores. There were 2 app options.

I downloaded the oldest one first as the photo on the instructions was of the app with the Racoon photo.

I registered myself and then proceeded to find the recording options for Eli’s Star. It all seemed simple enough. You don’t even need the book to record a story, as the words were provided in the app, so I was excited to have our kids record this story for Sebastian.

I made my recording and then tried to listen to it back.

There is a little icon in the upper right-hand of the app for stored recordings from myself and sent to me from others.

No recording was anywhere to be found. Perhaps it needed time to populate?

I decided to download the other app as this one keep telling me that there was a newer app to download that would then transfer all of our information to the updated app with our recordings.

I downloaded the new app and tried to go and look at the Saved stories. Here I was given a place to enter my username and Password. In the first app, there was no Username field so I assumed that this was a spot to enter my email address and the password I had used for the first app.

Nope. No Bueno.

I searched my email for any welcome message from the app to see if they gave me a username. Nope. Nothing. No email.

I tried the password recovery option to see if they would send me an email to help me figure out what my username is.

The big problem here is that the system didn’t even recognize my email address nor the phone number I used when registering.

I decided to log out of the first app. There is no way to log out of the 2nd app since I couldn’t log into it in the first place.

I registered with a new email and tried the entire process all over again and re-record the story a 2nd time.

Again, no recording was saved.

I also had my daughter try. She downloaded the app, registered, recorded the story and she too had no saved recording.

What a bummer.

Onto the book.

The story is really sweet, likable and our son enjoyed it.

I read it directly to him but there is an option to have your device play the pre-recorded audio from the author or to have it projected via the Star-shaped blue tooth speaker.

Anyway, I am disappointed that I couldn’t get our son in Japan to read a story for his baby brother. Sebastian would have LOVED this so much.

I’m also not sure that the Bluetooth speaker is needed. It’s a cute idea but if you have your phone or tablet with you then that’s plenty loud for bedtime.

Anyway, I love the concept a lot and the story is good. I would love to have my kids and their grandparents have the ability to record and send me their versions so Sebastian can be read to from afar – if we could get the app to work properly.

I would even buy all of the other books if these glitches could be worked out.

If you have the opportunity to purchase just the book go for it. Cute stories, well illustrated, and very sweet and thoughtful storyline.


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