Review of Sunset SB – Pines & Dunes Loops Campsite – 059

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We wanted to camp at the beach. We thought it would be fun. We thought we would take Sebastian in the water and frolick the day away.

We were so wrong…

It was June 2nd and apparently we didn’t remember how much colder it gets near the Pacific. Also, we didn’t realize that there was also 100% tree cover in the site we picked making it way colder. Then, add in that Shawn couldn’t get a fire going the entire night and WE WAS COLD.

He looks so sad…
Good thing we had propane to make dinner

Then there was the issue of getting down and then back up from the beach.

When we were strolling up to the bridge and trail site to go check out the beach we passed the campsite hosta who say us – pushing a stroller – and we said pleasantries and then they turned back to the conversations with one another.

At no point did they think… Hmmm, perhaps we should tell them that there is another way to the beach and that they could easily drive down and enjoy themselves.

No. They instead let us schlep the stroller to the top of the trail where we then had to leave it so we could drag/carry our 20 month old up jagged and broken wooden and sand stairs up to the top of the bluff… And then go down the same stairs/trail. We didn’t even make it to the bottom before we realized that getting a wet, cold and Sandy toddler back up the bluff was going to suck balls… For him and especially for us since he was already being bitchy.

Sebastian and I sitting down for a break near the top of the dunes. 20 minutes and we have not even seen water yet.
On our way down to the beach… Slippi g and sliding with a screaming toddler who wanted to do it all by himself. FML
We still weren’t at the bottom of the dunes but this is as far as we got. Sebastian was trying to crawl to the water
Shawn carrying Sebastian… While he was sobbing to go to the water.

Anywho… Our campsite was fine.

Sebastian was cranky for a lot of this trip but for a single moment he was being silly and “talking” to his brother and sister on his yellow phone.

It was super shady and sort of in the middle of all the sites in that loop. The showers had great pressure and we’re quite hot when you added in quarters. Well kept park and the ranger who checked us in couldn’t have been nicer.

We met some other campers and all were nice and friendly.

I think that if the weather had been better for us then the campgrounds would have been great. But just note that if you have littles…drive down to the other trail and make your life easier.

We booked online at California Parks and Recreation and paid $42.99 for one night.


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