Roasted Artichokes

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Our kids love when I make Artichokes.  I’ve made them all sorts of ways but I find that Roasting them is the easiest way.

I’ve made Stuffed Artichokes – ground beef with Italian seasoning is stuffed in between artichoke leaves and then you pour your favorite Spaghetti sauce over them and bake in a casserole dish until the meat is fully cooked.

It’s a Pain in the butt to make this but it is delicious.

Then There is just boiling and draining them and dipping the leaves in butter, some lemon, or mayonnaise (yes, this is super good, don’t judge).

Today though, I’m going to share my favorite way to eat Artichokes and it’s the easiest.

ALSO, I’ve also made some homemade Tomato Sauce (1 – 15oz Can Tomato Sauce, 1 TBL Sugar, 1 TBL Minced Garlic, 1 TBL Italian Seasoning) and added in some Chicken Meatballs to eat along side the Artichokes and dip the leaves into the sauce and some mayo together. HEAVENLY!

Roasted Artichokes Recipe

I make A LOT because we always like having leftovers the next day.  So get as many artichokes as you and your family will want to eat but I suggest at least one full Artichoke per family member but only 1/2 for younger kiddos unless you know they love it.

Artichoke Prep:
Take scissors and clip off the tips of each leaf of your Artichoke.  They are sharp and are like thorns.  You want to make sure to get every one that is visible.  This can be a bit painstaking.  Also, make sure to not put these in your garbage disposal, it will clog and you will  have a mess.

With a strong knife cut off the long stem down to the base of your Artichoke so it can sit up.

Cut the front (the mouth) of the Artichoke as well to get some of the thorns removed.

Then, Flip your Artichoke upside down and Cut it in half so that they look like this.


Aren’t they gorgeous?  Look at the beautiful Purple leaves of the Heart!

Preheat your Oven to 450 Degrees. I don’t broil them.

On a Baking Sheet pour some Olive Oil and spread it lightly around the pan.  Lightly sprinkle some Sea Salt and Pepper over the olive oil and place each of the Artichokes with cut side facing and lightly brush Olive Oil on this face up side and sprinkle with Sea Salt and Pepper.  Like This.
Pop your Pan in the Oven and cook for 20 Minutes and then flip.  You should see some browning on the leaves.  Now, in the pictures below you will see that mine are quite crisp.

Well, I accidentally left them in about 10 minutes longer than I should’ve because I was trying to fix our Garbage Disposal – Remember that comment about Artichokes leaves?

Anywho, I cook them for another 10-15 Minutes and check do see if a leaf from the side is easily loosened.  If it is – you can take them out of the oven to cool before serving.  If not, check every 5 minutes until the leaves pull away easily.

Tonight I cut up my Chicken Meatballs in the sauce and lightly dipped each leaf into the Mayo and then into the Sauce and scooped up a bit of meat.  DELICIOUS.Artichokes




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