Salt Lake City and big life changing decisions

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What else should you do when in Salt Lake City Utah? Well, besides posing at East High so we could send this photo to Sam (he’s a High School Musical super fan)? No, we had to visit with Robert, Katie and Amelia who have been friends and business partners for the past 10 1/2 years.

Shawn joined Scentsy under Katie and they each built our businesses together the first year we started.It was a very easy and fast friendship and lots of mutual respect. Several years ago they moved back to SLC from Washington – which is where we met.

Anywho…We had 4 nights of great hospitality, fun, laughs, chasing a toddler, fireworks, and bonding and singing kid songs.We mostly just hung out, ate Keto (some of the time) and also went to Park City for some sight seeing and eats… (Not keto).

Sebastian fell in love with Robert (forever now known as BOB-ERT). They and met twice before but this time Sebastian hugged him and wouldn’t let go. He loved Amelia (MIMI) And looking at and sniffing flowers and finding rocks with Katie (KA-DE)

We also happened to be visiting during the 4th of July so Sebastian got to see his first fireworks show (BOOM BOOMS)Their home is impeccably decorated and I wish I could’ve put ours together the way Katie does.

My house always looked like we decorated from the Alley (which we did) but she would’ve found a way to make it elegant and beautiful.

Sebastian has rocks and magnets from their fridge placed all over their home which I’m sure will take weeks to find. We loved our time their reconnecting and having long and late chats.

My favorite part of our time together would be watching Sebastian with Katie and Robert individually. They will be amazing grandparents one day.

Sharing num nums

And on another note, I had an epiphany one afternoon while we were all sitting in the living room chatting.

I don’t want to run our business anymore.

I have been wanting to pursue some other ambitions but have felt overwhelmed with chasing a toddler, not sleeping through the night in over 2yrs, helping Sam get set and assimilated in his new world, planning our travels and executing them and juggling our business to even be able to carve out time to do something I was personally passionate about. WRITING.

I love telling stories and sharing our lives. We’ve done some extraordinary things these past 4yrs and I want to share them. Maybe I can help encourage or even show others how to make the changes necessary to do extraordinary things themselves.

Something had to give for me to feel like I could really go forward.
So, I blurted out to Shawn and Katie that I wanted them to start working together again and for Shawn to completely take over our Scentsy business. I felt a bit bad that I didn’t discuss things with Shawn first but afterward, I apologized to him just in case.

He was happy. He felt like our lives had come full circle with our business. HE started it and I grew it and now, it’s time for me to just be his assistant again and for his passion for the company, product and people to kick into high gear.

He was excited. I was excited. And… Katie and Robert were excited.

We all did well when we collaborated and then years later we all split and did our own things. It was actually great for us for many years but the past couple years we haven’t been as engaged with our business as we should or could have been.

At that moment we all felt a fantastic shift – like the magic was back.

I’m excited for Shawn and I’s business. I’m excited for Robert and Katie. And I’m also super happy that Shawn and Katie are working closely together again.

As for me, well I’m happy. I’ve been writing but not just on this blog or on social media. I’m writing a book.I’m happy. I’m excited for the future and I’m feeling really fulfilled. Stay tuned.

Nailed it!
HSM posing at the dumpster
Time for the Boom Boom 🎆

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