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Sometimes families mesh amazingly well that don’t look like they would in the eyes of others.

Becky and I have always been drawn together. We are very similar in how we think of business and relationships and how to treat others. We are both super ethical and we also just don’t take ourselves too seriously while also still being serious people.

This being said… When I first met Becky years ago at a Scentsy event, we had no idea that our families would connect.

See, Becky is Mormon. Now to those of you reading this who are Morman or have Morman friends you might be shaking your head wondering why I would even think that religion would be an issue.

Well, it’s because back then I didn’t have any Morman friends and I just thought that Mormons believed in crazy things and were judgy and we’ll… I was just uneducated.

As time went on I met many more Mormans because our Scentsy business was actually founded by Mormans and a large chunk of consultants in the early days happened to be people they knew.

Anywho, religion is a tricky thing sometimes when you are ignorant of or make assumptions about it.

Anytime I would mention that Becky and I were friends I’d get comments like “Oh? You and Becky are friends? You know she’s Morman right? You aren’t Mormon!”

Isn’t that crazy? To think that she couldn’t possibly like or be friends with me because I wasn’t Morman or vice versa?

Also, 3 of the other families we just stayed with prior to visiting Becky and Dave are all Morman or were at least raised Morman. For some reason though, because Becky and Dave perhaps are more vocal about their live of their faith and temple, we got more questions about how they could be friends with us! Like we are heathens or something or they are too pious to be able to have friends outside the church.

We’ve always had a really easy friendship. Like I said, we’ve always been sort of drawn to one another. Maybe we just knew we were similar. Beliefs don’t mean that you can only be tolerant or open to those with your exact same lifestyle. I mean, how crazy would it be if you decided that you couldn’t associate with a liberal Democrat because you had conservative Republican values? Wouldn’t that be crazy? 🤣🤣🤣

So, when I contacted Dave and Becky to see if we could come stay with them for a few days they were so warm and welcoming and didn’t even hesitate. They live in Meridian Idaho. We spent 2 nights with their family.

Here’s a fun note, did you know that every single Morman family we stayed with, 4 in total so far, had ZERO problem with us drinking coffee in their homes? We like to make sure that we asked each one before bringing our coffee in. All our hosts were totally cool with it saying… we don’t drink it but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

Also, when we stay with a family we take on their traditions and lifestyle as much as possible. For example, If they pray before they eat, we pray with them.

If they eat with their hands like they did in Sri Lanka – then we follow suit. We’ve stayed with Muslims, Christians, Athiests, Jews, Buddhist s, etc.

Also, there is so much more to people than just their faith or choice of religion or even no religious faith like us. It’s not like church this, temple that, God this, Allah, that, or reciting parts of the Koran all day and night to anyone within earshot. You know what I mean?

Shawn and I aren’t religious. We didn’t raise our kids with religion either. We did teach them strong morals and ethics like do unto others, karma, put yourself in others shoes, devil’s advocate, you name it. We also told them that if they ever felt like they wanted to explore religions for themselves that we would respect and support them but…that they needed to look at ALL religions to see which one felt right for them. They haven’t come to us yet for this but they are still young so you never know.


The Sattlers!

The Sattler’s are awesome. All 5 of the kids (Caleb, Morgan, Isaac, Sadie and Macy) are warm and friendly and just really good kids. They were wonderful with Sebastian as well. He had SOOOO much fun playing with all of them – especially Macy. We think he had a crush on her.

Sebastian loving on Macy

Seabstian loved going down the slide into the pool. He’s a beast

Isaac and Sadie trying to teach Shibby how to jump

Burying their legs… He was copying Macy

Dave and Shawn have always gotten along well. They are idea guys and love chatting about all the possibilities. Maybe they will start a think tank!

Big talks

We had fantastic conversations from childrearing and preparing for your firstborn to leave home and then what that looks like when they are all gone. Business discussions. Some talk about religions and world travels… Both Becky and Dave are well traveled. Lots of fun talks with each of the kids too.

Shawn and I love when we can find a couple that we both like and can have conversations with mutually. I could just as easily chat with Dave all day as I can with Becky. Same for Shawn. Isn’t it the worst when you only like one person in a coupling or you each only like one of the couple but don’t like both? When you find a couple you both connect with them you hold onto that and build upon it.

Our last day was spent at a lake just hanging out and having fun together. Thank you Sattler family for opening up your home to us and for giving us these awesome Sattler Organic Shirts and hat!!!

Shirts and hats courtesy Sattler Organics… Great quality!!! Thanks Sattlers
Sattler family and some of their kid’s friends

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