Sebastian turns 2yrs old in Thailand

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Sebastian was born in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. He’s both a Naturalized American Citizen as well as a Mexican Citizen. He celebrated his 1st Birthday in Burbank, California in the USA. His 2nd Birthday was spent traveling from Chiang Rai, Thailand by Bus to Chiang Mai.

We arrived in Chiang Mai at 11 am, dropped off our stuff at our Hotel and then headed to Central Festival Mall where they had play areas and lots of fun food to celebrate our little guy.

We knew that his birthday would be on a travel day and part of me was feeling jerky because it was his birthday. We’ve had 21yrs of birthday planning for our 2 older kids. We have never traveled on one of their birthdays. I spend a lot of time and thought into each of our kids special days.

For some reason, being Nomadic feels different. It’s not like we have a lot of family or friends nearby. He isn’t in a preschool nor does he have friends to invite to hang out with him. Having a formal party is kind of silly being full-time travelers.

We thought about buying a bunch of cupcakes to take to the playland and then give them out to other kids and have them eat and sing Happy Birthday to Shibby but the way things were laid out we knew that wouldn’t work. Instead, we opted for taking him to a playland to do anything his 2 yr old heart desired for a couple of hours.

Sebastian and his Siblings

Shibby got to FaceTime his big Sister Alex in Seattle and also his brother Sam in another part of the world. Both sang to him and expressed a little sadness that they weren’t with him to celebrate.

It is hard for our family to be separated. We are super close with our kids and they with us. Many people find it weird how much we talk or are connected to one another while other are envious. For us, we try to make the best of not being with one another by talking at least once a day (sometimes more) and as many Video calls as possible. There is something better about seeing one another’s expressions when we chat. We are all in different time zones so that’s also something we juggle. Both Sam and Alex also work on making sure they talk a couple times a week as well.

Anywho, we knew that we were not wanting to go to the big Playland at the mall today so we’d come back the next day for that purpose. Today we just walked all over the entire mall and went to the 2 separate play areas on the 3rd and 4 floors for him to play and slide and have some fun. We also went into the Central Department store and on the 4th floor they have a play area as well in their kids section. We ate at the food court and then headed to our Hotel to finally get into our room and take a needed Nap for Shawn and Shibby.

Sebastian’s Birthday weekend

Day 2 of Happy Birthday Shibby!

We headed straight to the food court on the 4th floor (next to the Playland) and then walked over to play with the loud games and toys. Sebastian was in heaven. He loved Whack-a-Mole and was a crazed manic hitting them with the hammer. He also had a super short attention span. He’d get on a toy or ride and almost right after we’d put in a token he’d run off to look at something else.

About 30 minutes after playing with the games and rides Shibby noticed the GINORMOUS Playland. Sebastian started pointing and yelling to go in. We paid 120 Baht for Sebastian for 1hr and then 50 Baht for Shawn and I each. We also had to buy socks for all 3 of us. The total ended up being like $10 for everything. Major deal!

He had a fantastic time and we loved playing with him and seeing some of his growth. Just a couple months ago we’d have to climb all the way up the stair slides with him but now he did it all on his own – very capably I might add.

Here are some fun videos and pictures from his 2nd Birthday. We don’t know where he will be for his 3rd birthday but I’m sure we will figure out something that is just right for him and our family at that time.

I thought he was going to fly off
He was going for it

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