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Sebastian’s 1st Bedroom

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This is Sebastian’s first Bedroom. It may just be the overhead bunk of our RV but he sleeps there on his own, plays, and calls it his bedroom.

Both Sam and Alex always had their own bedrooms and had themes for their beds and even rugs sometimes.

Living in a 26 foot Winnebago Outlook 25j Motorhome, we weren’t sure how well his ‘room’ would work out for him. We hoped he’s sleep up there and not fall out. After all, he’s only 2-years-old.

He has never fallen off once and can climb up and down all on his own without a ladder (parkour) and he’s also started playing up there without prompting to do so.

Yesterday we made Sebastian’s bedroom all about Superheroes. It looks like his room was vomited in colors but in person it’s cool.😂

Marvel ceiling clings.

A DC rug with his two favorites included – Batman and Superman.

Superman and Captain Pillowcases.

A Captain Shield throw

And a Marvel Comforter.

And he still has lots of room to play by himself or with us up there with him.

He couldn’t have been more excited to see it all and tell us who everyone was.

Today Shawn is painting some Glow in the Dark paint to make stars on his ceiling. He will DIE from excitement.

It’s a much different lifestyle than how we raised Sam and Alex in terms of Mobility and location and space size but almost everything else is the same.


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