Selling all our crap… Again

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We had been living in Burbank California for 17 months when we left our 2 bedroom apartment and hit the road on May 31st 2019.

Sam left us at the end of April at 17yrs old to move to another country to pursue his dreams of singing and dancing so… Shawn, Sebastian and I hit the road… For 2 weeks.

Why only 2 weeks? Well, Sam would be coming back to us for 2 weeks at the middle of June to take his CHSPE and get his Artist Visa.

We had 2 weeks to travel before we had to be back in LA again and rent an AirBnb.

Where to go for just 2 weeks?

We decided to camp and live out of our minivan Dodge Grand Caravan and travel up to Napa and back down through San Francisco and the coast.

We had pretty much given away everything we owned… Again. We did sell a few things like our mattresses and Sam’s bedframe, 1 TV and some basic furniture but made no more than $1000. Isn’t that crazy? That’s all our stuff was worth to others.

This time around we knew that our stuff was only worth what we valued it as so, we got lots of our furnishings from the alleyways and Goodwill.

In the LA area alleys are synonomous with “leave it and snag it”. We got one really cool skull canvas wall artwork, tables, chairs, Crocs for Sebastian and a trike and so much more. This go round we also left a lot of stuff in the alley for others and it was like a game to see how long it would take for someone to snag items.

Anywho, during the 2 months leading up to leaving we bought thing we thought we would need like a trifold foam 6 inch mattress (which is awesome BTW) to sleep on on the van, a portable folding toilet seat and privacy pooping tent (both of which we have yet to use as of 6 weeks later writing this post), hatchet, shovel, fireproof gloves (we have used the hatchet twice for making kindling) and lots of other stuff like a roof rack cargo holder and ratchet straps.

These are our final moments before leaving our apartment. VIDEO

When we left town on the 31st we had 2 of Sam’s suitcases with us and also WAY TOO MUCH CRAP! We didn’t get rid of enough things. Like for real. We felt like the Beverly Hillbillies with crap in every available nook and cranny and on top. We love our minivan though. Sleek and cool looking considering it’s a minivan.

I igress…

We even had to wait on the curb hours after our move out inspection to just put more stuff in the Alley to be able to close the doors.

Then, we were finally off. It felt so freeing to get out of town and be on the road again, this time on a new adventure.

The only things that we were missing was Alex and Sam but we were also looking forward to new adventures with Sebastian. Seeing the world through his eyes would be part of the fun this go round

Anyway… Stay tuned to where we end up along the way.



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