Helga's House of Pain Massage

Shawn visits Helga’s House of Pain Massage

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Shawn has a knot in his back.  He didn’t sleep well last night and he’s walking around with a sour look on his face because he hurts.  He needed a massage – Bad.

Alex is our resident knot-worker-outer.  She doesn’t really give friendly or nice massages – or as I call it – massage foreplay. And for you with dirty minds, not that kind of massage okay?

Anywho.  Shawn desperately needed Alex, AKA Helga,, to work her magic.  She’s an expert at finding knots AND she has this super bone-y elbow that she just pushes and blasts into you to work it out and break it up.

Not a happy camper

But, it hurts like hell and she takes sick pleasure in both helping, and hurting you, with a massage.  When I asked him if he wanted Alex to work it out for him he gave this ridiculous stink face and basically went in the opposite reaction.

It’s super fun to watch when you aren’t the one being worked on.

I’ve kicked her quite a few times and I’ve called her some pretty horrible names.  She only hurts me more until I say Uncle and, the worst part is, we ask for it.

After waking from his daily siesta today he came downstairs with that same look on his face.

So, Alex and I teamed up and we laid out a blanket, pillow and put on soundscape music on the TV and then forced him to lie down and let Helga help him.

This is part of what his ‘massage’ looked like.

This is how he felt 7 minutes later:



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