Spending time with Alex and the C word

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We left Idaho and headed to Spokane to spend my birthday at a KOA there. It’s not really where I wanted to be but…based on our schedule and location, it was good enough.

Spokane is one of those places Shawn and I visit and say…Blech, Spokane! It’s not really a place that we ever seem to enjoy or think fondly of. We’ve been here together about 3 times which is 3 times too many. It’s not like anything bad has ever happened to us there but it just always give us a certain uneasy vibe.

It was a windy and frigging hot as balls both days we were there. Our tent almost flew away Wizard of Oz style and one of our poles broke during a huge lightening and rain storm. Happy 46th birthday to me! Sebastian was mesmerized by the lightening though and kept saying “oh no!” I was just thankful that we sleep in the car, not the tent.

The pool at the Spokane KOA was fun though

It was during our stay here that Shawn and I both looked at one another and decided that we were DONE camping and traveling the USA. We were bored as hell and wanted to leave the country ASAP.

So, after about a 10 minute discussion we made the decision to head to Thailand in August. Or at least that was where we thought we would head first. Now… It was July 24th when we had this convo.

Next up though was more camping in Leavenworth at a pretty nice KOA with lots of activities for Shibby.

I think this is the only picture I took in Leavenworth…

After 2 days there we headed to the Winthrop KOA where Alex came to stay with us.

Having this couple of days with her was fantastic. Sebastian was so happy to see her sleeping in our tent the next morning as he was already asleep when she had arrived the night before. He jumped all over her. They have a really special bond and we love watching the two of them together. This was also a chance for Shawn to spend a little time with her before he had to head out of town.

He wouldn’t stop jumping on his big sister

We headed into Winthrop the next day to explore and get my Macadamia Nut claws from the candy shoppe as they are the only place that has ever had them.

We use to take Sam and Alex camping in Winthrop when they were little. We went about 4 summers in a row and all loved it. So, when we decided to camp in Washington it made perfect sense to take Sebastian to a place that the rest of his family has history and invited Alex to join us.

While in town, Shawn bought me a necklace and we just got some food and messed around before heading back to camp. Unfortunately I was kind of grumpy because I haven’t been sleeping well and Sebastian has been extra clingy to me which is draining. I was kind of done with being sociable and just wanted some alone time. It happens. No matter how much you love your family you just need some YOU time. When we got back I gave Sebastian to Alex and Shawn and went to shower and just have that ME time I needed in order to recharge and get to a more chill and happy place.

It’s amazing what 30 minutes and a hot shower can do for you. I was back to being all good and the rest of the day and evening were perfect.

We left on a Sunday and headed to Seattle. We all stopped for lunch in Darrington and this burger joint – The Burger Barn which was pretty good BTW. We parted ways and Alex headed to her apartment while we went to our hotel near the airport.

Shawn had to fly out the next day to go to our Scentsy Annual Convention in Austin Texas. Sebastian and I were going to stay with Alex for the rest of the week so we could get as much time together before leaving the country.

We sent Shawn off the next day and Sebastian and I met up with Alex and got all settled in at her cute apartment.

Okay, normally I don’t post stuff about the kids lives because certain things are theirs to share if they choose but Alex was like…go for it if you want to.

So, here goes. One of her roommates was crazy and rude and caused a ton of drama with myself, Alex and her other roommate Anna. Things came to a head and her roommates took stand so now she’s is moving out thankfully for everyone’s sake.

People kill me sometimes, Especially those who don’t know how to be honest with themselves. When you lie to yourself it makes it that much easier to lie to others. I don’t put up with bullshit so I sort of was the catalyst for the roommate break-up – both fortunately and unfortunately.

Her roommate didn’t like that Alex put a new bathmat in the bathroom. We had offered ours to her since we didn’t need them any longer and we were leaving the country. She had me put them in the bathroom and all hell broke loose that night because there wasn’t a meeting first to discuss it.

It started a war. Her roommate ‘fake’ apologized to me the next day for being unpleasant and unfriendly to myself and Sebastian. I explained that I didn’t believe her and that then led to some truthful conversations about this being her apartment and her roommates don’t have the same privilege she does to the space and…how she talks down to them.

She then went to Anna and told her that we had an argument (it was an unpleasant exchange… Not an argument) and that I called her a C word.

I swear a lot. Like the F word pops up in most conversations. I own it. I like other fun words too but the C word just isn’t a word I ever use. Anna knew me well enough to know that this sounded fishy so she told Alex and I.

The next day I was at the apartment alone with Shibby sleeping on me in the living room. The roommate came in the living room and I just went for it. I said… “So, did you tell Anna that I called you a C#$@?” (I actually said the real word…)

I was super blunt. I could have let it go but I feel like blatantly lying and telling someone that you called them the C word is pretty disgusting behavior and deserves a very direct response.

I grew up with a compulsive liar. I know you have a real problem when you double down on a lie. She and I both know I never said any such thing. I see her wheels turning and she comes back with… “No, I didn’t say that” to which I said… “So, Anna is a liar then?” To which she said, (wait for it) “actually, I told her that you were being a cunt!” And then I said.. “so you’re saying that Anna is a liar?” I wasn’t about to feed into her ridiculousness and we both knew it was a lie so why discuss why she said it?

Her face flushed and she left. I hate confrontations. I really do. My mom always called me dial a bitch. It’s been a term she’s used to describe me for most of my life. She and the rest of my family always thought I got off on confrontations but that’s not true. It always hurt my feelings that my family thought this of me.

The truth is that I just like to get things out in the open and communicate. I hate bullshit and drama and lying. I like honesty and dealing with things. Let’s agree to disagree or work things out but let’s address things and find some resolve so we can all move on in an honest fashion.

I was totally flushed and my heart rate was speeding while dealing with Alex’s roommate. Like, I’m 46yrs old and I still get anxious over confrontations but, when someone lies about you and also to your face… You must deal with it.

Because of all this Alex and I spent a lot of our week together dealing with the roommate drama. It was great that I was there though. I was so proud of Alex for how she handled everything. She said, there is no friendship or coming back from calling your mom a C word or also lying about your mom calling you one.

Like… Who is rude to a mom and a toddler? Sebastian ran up to her and said HI! and she just ignored him and that was before the rug was put in the bathroom. Even if you don’t like the parents of your friends or roommate you don’t say crazy shit about them. I was super nice to her until I saw her talk down to Alex and Anna in front of me multiple times. I didn’t like it. I also thought it was really rude and dismissive and also, who belittles people in front of their parents?

Fortunately, we did get to spend some time just hanging out and being silly and playing with Sebastian. That is truly the best part of our relationship. How well we know one another and that we don’t have to constantly be busy and entertaining ourselves with activities. Just laying next to one another and talking about random stuff is what we love to do.

Swing time

Sebastian missed his big sister. He loves his siblings so much and sometimes I wonder what he thinks when he goes long periods without seeing them.

He never stops talking about them or when referencing family he always says, “Mama, Dada, Owie (Alex) and Ssssssss (Sam… He refuses to say any part of his name but the S sound) and calls them his brother and sister and family. So he knows they are important in our lives for sure which is wonderful.

Alex is very happy and flourishing in her life with her friends and work. She loves the community she has built around herself and is in the process of making plans for her future as well.

Park time with the siblings
Ready for her Tweenland rehearsal

Shawn is headed back to town and it’s time to leave Alex’s apartment and go to our good friend Cara’s house.

Stay tuned. There will be more time spent with Alex before we leave the country.



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