Starting our Journey by Train, Bus, Hostel and Plane

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We did it… We are all booked on our trip from Seattle to Manchester England. We are starting our Journey off with a bang. By Train, Bus, our first Hostel stay and by 2 Planes.

Wanna see how we are traveling for our first 5 days?

September 1st is D-Day. The start of our new life adventures

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When we first made the decision to sell all our possessions and travel the world with our kids, the hardest part was starting. Starting the preparations. Starting to figure out our routes. Starting the purging of our house. Starting to say goodbyes. Starting. I’m so happy to be close to STARTING our Journey!

Starting our Journey – 5 day travel plan

Starting our Journey Sounder Train
Sounder Train

9/1 = Day 1
We leave early in the morning from Mukilteo on the Sounder Train. For less than $18 the entire famdamily is taking the train to Seattle. It’s only like 30-40 minutes but in all the years since it’s been implemented in our town, we’ve never taken the train. WHY? Well, now we can say we did.

I want us to putz around Seattle’s Chinatown (aka International District for you PC people) for a couple of hours and grab some lunch before catching our Bolt Bus at 1pm to Vancouver BC.

Starting our Journey Bolt Bus
Bolt Bus

Once we arrive in Vancouver we will head to our HOSTEL Downtown! Yes, our first time staying at one and this is supposed to be okay per the reviews. We will share more once we get there of course.

We purchased a Dorm Room with 4 beds to accommodate our family. $22 a night per person x 2 nights = an experience.

I can’t wait to sleep in my own bunk bed. I usually book all stays via but I found the best deal on Expedia this time. Make sure to price shop and read reviews!

Starting our journey
Our Hostel Room

9/2 = Day 2
Explore all of Vancouver that we can walk or take a bus to. We took the kids there when they were way younger but they would probably love to go back to Stanley Park and see the Beluga Whales and the black flying squirrels.

Then we must go to Chinatown. They have the best almond cookies in Vancouver and I plan to eat several. They come in a big pink box and I plan on eating as many as I can until I am sick of them. YUM. And their BBQ Pork is the best I’ve ever had.

I am hungry now!

Alex said she is super excited for Canadian Food and I was like WTF is Canadian food? Maple Syrup? She was like UM NO.. The Chips and Candy your friend from Canada (Thanks Jenny May McKim) sent us last year. There were some Ketchup Chips and a particular Wunderbar that she can’t wait to get her hands on again. She kills me. This isn’t food…Just sayin’. It’s delicious though.

9/3 = Day 3
This is a Free day for us until the evening. Puttzing around in Vancouver during the day again will be fun, dragging all our luggage as we have to check out of our Hostel at 10am, and head to the Airport for an evening Flight to… Calgary. We are there for a very long Layover overnight.  Starting our Journey Air Transat via Orbitz

Sam has 19hrs to get through as much school work as possible. He starts online public school officially on the 1st. However, he will need to get a ton of work done as he won’t get much time to sit and focus these 5 travel and explore days. Once we get into our house sit he will be able to get a regular schedule together.

We booked through Orbitz and found that flying to England is cheapest when traveling out of Vancouver International Airport to Manchester or London Gatwick airports. The entire flight cost $1500 for the entire family to go on the dates and times we wanted. Not too shabby

9/4 = Day 4
YEAH… Sam will hopefully have gotten a lot of School work done at the airport and we will have all our electronics charged and have gotten a lot of work done before we take off from Calgary and head straight to Manchester England.

9/5 = Day 5
Um, We’re in friggin’ England people! I found a great 2 bedroom apartment in Manchester via Super cheap, great walking location and again, close to their Chinatown! WHOOP WHOOP. Well, we will be at least. We arrive at 7am so we will have the entire day to explore before crashing at our big apartment probably all jet-lagged, stinky and ready to chill.

Starting our Journey Manchester 2 bedroom apartment
Manchester 2 bedroom apartment

Since we don’t go over to our first house sit until the next evening we will see how much we see of the town before heading off to Heywood by local bus. We can’t wait to see what we experience these first 5 days. Lots of go go go and then some relax time for a couple of days at our house sit. We will need to take some time for jet lag and time change.

As of today we leave in 13 days. Stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “Starting our Journey by Train, Bus, Hostel and Plane”

  1. Some only dream about these adventures and you guys are making it happen. Hecht I’m just excited to read your updates! Safe travels for all of you!

    1. Thanks so much Grace. Honestly, if it wasn’t for having the business we do with Scentsy, this wouldn’t be a possibility. We’d have to say local for a job or even when I owned my own recruiting business I needed to have more permanence. We can now make home wherever we choose to be and that is so exciting and scary in the best way possible. Until we leave I’m not sure it’s all 100% real you know? I can’t wait to start sharing pictures, videos and stories of our travels. What we have learned, who we have met, what we have seen and…eaten!

    1. I can’t wait to start logging them and sharing. I know that many people will live vicariously through us and some might even get inspired to hit the road too

  2. I admire your courage ! I find it inspiring and it may even get me and mine to go travel the world. I’ve always wanted to backpack Europe. Bon Voyage

    1. Thanks Celia. Go for it. Life is for living. Don’t just stay where you are…go and explore the world and its inhabitants. For now though you can live vicariously through us

  3. Me and Mackenzie are flying out of Vancouver to Manchester as well! We leave on Sept 12th and get to Manchester on the 13th and then get to Liverpool. Mackenzie still hopes to see Alex!!

    1. That is great Kim. I thought we might miss her. We will be in Heywood until the 20th so the girls can definitely see each other. Alex is looking forward to seeing the campus and just hanging out with her. I’ll tell Alex to make sure to keep in touch and set a date to hook up once she gets in her dorm

  4. Hey Wendy it’s Wendy!! This is so exciting!! You’re in Manchester, and I bet it’s raining! See you very soon 😀

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