Staying with a friend we’ve never met!

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Kristen and I became friends on Facebook because of our Scentsy businesses but I truly didn’t get to “know” her until we were both pregnant.

We are both the same age and we’re pregnant in our 40’s and had large gaps between the ages of our older kids and these new littles. Geriatric pregnancy bonds people!

We followed one another’s pregnancies and births and then watched online how each of our babies and now toddlers little personalities have developed.

Anywho, she knew we were coming to Idaho and wanted us to come stay with her family so the kiddos could meet.

We are both so happy to say that we followed our guts as we both thought it’d be fun but we’re also like… Hmmm, I don’t really know them but let’s see what happens.

Life is more Interesting when you take chances or get a bit out of your comfort zone at least.

She gave us her oldest son Michael’s room which had the comfiest bed. Thanks Michael!

Sebastian and Bentley (Kristen’s daughter is only 3 weeks older than Sebastian) were both a bit shy of one another and also very territorial of both their toys. Neither was Bei g very good at sharing the first few hours together. Later on they loosened up and we’re much better at sharing.

Dual slides
2 seconds before they were both pulling this cup and yelling at one another

It’s funny how you compare your kid to others. What Bentley was good at, Sebastian wasn’t – like holding pens. She was holding and using them properly but Sebastian was using them like a caveman. Sebastian is a fantastic talker and Bentley was only saying a couple of words but she, like Sebastian, understands everything. Both are Smarties but in different ways. If you put them together they’d be a superbaby!

Looking at lizards

Kristen and her family were so gracious and welcoming. It was a very easy and chill time together. We all got along really well and had a great time just getting to know one another. It was a shame we only got one night together as we had plans to go to our corporate offices and then to stay with another family.

Thank you Gray Family. We loved staying with and meeting you all.


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