Thailand for Christmas & the New Year

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We are SUPER excited to be able to announce that we are going to spend Christmas and New Years in Thailand.

Thailand Housesit

Chiang Mai is an area that was on our bucket list and we can now look forward to spending 20 days there this December/January.

Shawn, the kids and I had a 45 minute video chat with a super cool couple living in Chiang Mai.

They showed us their house, dogs and just got to know one another and some of our history and theirs.

We are going a few days early to explore and to meet up with them to see the property, meet them and their pets, go to dinner and check out the area.

Our Video chat was really awesome and just easy and fun really.


Dream come true.

Shawn is already planning our adventures while we are there. It would be great if he could find a temple and find a Buddha to get all Zen.

Thialand Buddha

What to do in Thailand

Sam is very interested in driving a scooter there but he will have to ride bitch when heading into town. He can ride around like all the 8yr olds in the neighborhood but was disappointed to find that he needed a drivers licence to legally drive one in town.

Alex was excited to learn that they had a Mango tree in their porch but then was disappointed to find that they would be out of season when we are there.

We plan on going to the nature preserve in Chiang Mai, the only one like it in Thailand, to care for and ride elephants, go rafting, find some monkeys and tigers to love on and just to submerse ourselves in their culture.

Here is a list of the top places to visit in Chiang Mai Thailand by Trip Advisor travelers.

We’ve now met 2 House Sitting families online via video chats and 1 family in person in Seattle. It’s been really great getting to meet and see these homes, pets, and their inhabitants. The different cultures, lifestyles and such are just fascinating to us.

The couple in Thailand are very similar to us in how they think of the world and travel. We can’t wait to meet them in person. It already feel like we will keep in contact beyond this experience.

Yea!  Thailand means that we can start planning our beach vacation and get daily massages. Maybe a week or two of no house sitting and just rent a place or stay in a posh hotel or something as a treat before or after our Chiang Mai house sit.

Whatever we decide, you know we’ll share it here with you.



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