The Robinsons are heading back to Greece

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We are so excited to start our full-time travels again. 

We leave in 9 days and are starting our travels in Athens Greece! Can you believe this is our 3rd time leaving the states to travel full-time around the world? What a life we get to live.

Sebastian hasn’t yet made it to Greece but this will by my and Shawn’s 3rd time touring this beautiful country. 

The last time we were in Greece was with Sam and Alex back in 2017. They were 15 & 19 and it was Alex’s dream to have a Mama Mia moment jumping into the ocean. As you can see from the first photo – mission accomplished. 

We’ve been all over Greece by ourselves and also our then teenagers. 

Now we get to experience Greece with a 3yr old and can’t wait to see it through his eyes. He’s been to Eastern Europe, SE Asia and Japan. He was born in Mexico and has been back there once since. Sebastian is a very well traveled toddler. I believe his country count is 13 on 3 continents.

Greece is just the beginning now that more countries have opened up. 

If you recall, we were in Poland when the Covid Pandemic hit and we’re stuck there for 3 months.

The day Europe locked down borders on March 15, 2020, we had flights booked (cancelled) to leave Poland and head to Greece so…we thought we would just pick up where we left off.  

We’ve been stuck back in the states for a year and are just beyond excited for some more adventures around the world.

And…I really miss sharing our adventures on social media and our blog. Stay tuned!


p.s. here are some fun pictures from our trip with Sam & Alex


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  1. William Miller

    Check out island of Epidaurus home of Greek God of Healing Aesculapius A healing Center for five centuries focusing on sound, color and vibration.

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