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This Joint Support Supplement saved my life

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I wouldn’t be able to walk without talking these supplements daily. I really believe that they have saved my life.

I’m 46 years old currently. If you told me 2 years ago that soon I’d barely be able to walk and have agonizing pain in my knees and…that a simple joint supplement would save my life I would’ve laughed in your face. I mean, I expected to have some physical struggles as I got older, but not in my 40’s.

I had just had a baby. We’d walked all over 22 countries with our teenagers for the past 16 months. How did things go downhill for my body so fast? I had been in great shape and then one day I woke up and could barely walk without pain.

Since the Summer of 2018, I was having horrible knee pain. They would buckle when I’d walk and I had trouble both laying down, sitting and especially walking. Going up stairs was almost impossible.

Everything intensified on a trip to Japan where I was wearing our then 10-month-old. Sitting on the airplane for 11 hours both ways didn’t help either. I didn’t actually do anything about my pain until we returned from our trip though.

I found out I had Arthritis. It was bad in my Right Knee but as I started favoring my left, it too succumbed to pain, stiffness, and buckling.

I researched the best possible treatment and surgery was not something I was prepared to do. I didn’t want to take pharmaceuticals either. I pride myself on being my own doctor as I believe that food, vitamins, and exercise can cure most anything wrong with the human body.

I was on a mission to heal myself.

I tried different supplements. Some that cost hundreds of dollars a month (not worth mentioning here because I don’t want to market them) from a direct sales business helped for a couple of months and I got a bit better but, I needed a cheaper option and something that worked better.

I researched more supplements and then settled on Arazo Nutrition and these Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric MSM Boswellia – Joint Support Supplements.

Within weeks of taking them I got my life and mobility back. For real. My knee pain went away. It is now 1 1/2 years later and I take these religiously along with Omega 3. I walk about 5 miles a day now (most days) and can go up and down stairs. When I was at my worst I could barely walk to the mailbox without limping and wincing.

I still get some slight pain twinges if I’ve done too many stairs but it doesn’t keep me down like it use to. I can’t imagine not having these supplements in my life.

I would say that I am at 95%. That is to say that I step carefully to avoid stressing my joints. I make sure to walk up ramps or take elevators instead of taking 5 flights of stairs and avoid booking accommodations with more than one flight of stairs and no Elevator because we are in and out all day and it really wears on my knees.

I carry these Joint supplements in a zip lock back as we travel because those bottles are way too bulky for me. This is my bag-o’-pills!

If you suffer from Joint Pain or Stiffness, give these a try. They are really affordable and I noticed a difference within a week. Over time the results have gotten even better.

I say that this product saved my life because it did. I have a toddler who I couldn’t carry without pain. We are full-time travelers so I need to carry my backpack, our bags all while also wearing Sebastian some days. It’s a lot of pressure on my back and all Joints. What would I do if I couldn’t walk? We wouldn’t be able to have this lifestyle for sure.

Also, a low carb/sugar diet helps too. Arthritis is affected by your gut health and immune system so make sure to check your diet to aid you in becoming pain-free and mobile.

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  1. Bless your heart,

    Cynthia has found this helpful too.

    So glad you are feeling better. Hope to be out of house arrest pretty soon. 90 degrees in Burbank today.

    Bill & Cynthia

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