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Tiny House or Double Decker Bus?

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Both kids are now obsessed with watching HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living.  One night Shawn and I forced Sam to watch just one 30 minute episode with us and he became a huge fan.

tiny house exterior
A ‘micro’ tiny house exterior

This was a major step because he’s been the biggest complainer about our plans to travel the world over the past year. We’ve talked about a gazillion ideas for how we could live, travel, stay in one place long term, short term or for a couple of months.  He’s wanted to stay here forever, never say goodbye to anyone, do what he knows and be where he knows.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this IF you’ve ever been other places and know what’s out there to choose from.

We tried the whole “What if we could get a huge 5th Wheel with Bedrooms so you’d have your own space” thing with both kids.  We’ve talked about tiny houses on wheels, double decker buses transformed into mobile homes, etc.  THEY HATED THE IDEAS.

And, Alex gets Car sick so we heard that one an awful lot.  It’s a real thing for her but perhaps maybe getting her on the road more would help – ya think?

Sam’s biggest bitch was “can’t we just get a place in L.A. since I know I want to live there for sure?” even though he’s only been there as a 4yr old.  Whatever.  We get that he wants to dance there and will most likely stay there for quite some time after we return from out trip but that’s not what I’m focused on today.

And then there’s the whole, “What are we going to do about the cats?  Who will watch them?” which is it’s own can of worms. You wouldn’t believe some of the things we’ve found and come up with but, when we come back and get Maddie & Hunter, if we had a Tiny House to travel in, they wouldn’t need to go anywhere else right?

Sam has been hounding me almost every single day since watching the Tiny House, Big Living show.  “When is the next show coming on.  You set a series recording right?”  DUDE!  Yeah, you saw me set it.

We had Alex watch the shows too and she is hooked as well.  She’s even thinking that one day she should build her own (meaning make enough money to pay someone to make it for her to her exact specifications) so she can live in it wherever she works while traveling as she has learned how much more cost effective it is than trying to rent an apartment.

I even found this super cool double decker green bus that this single dad transformed into a 3 bedroom home on wheels.  WOW.  We all fell in love with it.

Isn’t this a Super Cool idea?  This is one of my favorites for sure.

Tiny House movement

There is a Tiny House movement and we love it.  Live smaller yet larger.  See more of the world while need ‘less’ possessions.

As you search for things you come across bits and pieces that blow your mind up with ideas and possibilities.  This was one of those ‘finds’ – a Castle Tiny Home on Wheels that completely transforms.  How cool is it that you could totally expand your space this way?  Watch the video.  You might just have your mind blown too!

Shawn and I would love to live off the grid one day, hopefully sooner rather than later.  He wants to buy something and then transform it ourselves and Sam is all over that.  Alex and I are over here like “Um, really?  Can’t we just get someone do build it for us and do a killer job because we are kind of slackers in this department and have never even built a shed much less something on wheels and that we’d live in?”

I know that I’d like something very safe, well made (not by me), with lots of bells and whistles so that we only really have to be concerned with where we’re going and filling up for water and supplies.  I also would love something super modern, quirky and industrial – Hey Santa!

I love that the boys want to do this and we shall see what we end up doing but for now, we are here for the next 9 months, planning for our trip around the world.  When we get back we can figure out if we will keep travelling, get an apartment in the US somewhere or in another country or, if we will buy a tiny home of some sort and live in it.

About 6 months ago I found this picture for an Earth Roamer vehicle.  OMG.  Amazeballs.  If I had half a Million dollars just lying around this bad boy would be mine.  SWOON.

The best news is that we have a world of possibilities available to us and we plan on doing what feels right for us at the time.

Tonight though is about watching more HGTV because, as Sam says “it’s like watching Extreme Home Makeover but on a tiny house!”

Both kids are really thinking outside of the box an out of Washington because we told them we will never live here permanently (own or rent or stay here longer than a couple of months) ever again.  They can if they choose to in the future but not us.  That really made them think about whether they love living here because it’s all they know or because they really love it better here than anywhere else in the world that they haven’t yet seen.

Sam is now saying that living in the USA is absolutely a must for him however he hasn’t seen Australia yet or been to the Philipines or even to Europe.  We shall see what happens and you will all be the first to know!

We’ve SOLD him and her.  YES!



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