Top 10 Things I'll miss

Top 10 Things I’ll miss from everyday life when we go nomadic

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I was just watching an episode of #RHONY – Real Housewives of New York – and I was watching the new housewife cook and I immediately thought about the Top 10 things I’d miss about having a permanent residence.

My Top 10 Things I’m going to miss isn’t in any specific order, but here goes:


Top 10 Things I'll miss
My KitchenAid Mixer

UPDATE October 2019: I don’t miss my KitchenAid Mixer. I do miss cooking a bit but when we stay at AirBnb’s that have an Oven or Stovetop… I do cook and even bake occasionally.

I mean really.  I will be cooking and baking still but nowhere near as often and – only when we are house sitting.  I feel like I need to cook my ass off right now to make up for all the cooking I won’t be able to do. We’ll be eating out a LOT and I’m betting that I will have the craving to cook as much as possible after a few months of this lifestyle.  I’m sure I’ll find a new way to bake and cook that works for our family.  I love my KitchenAid mixer and my special flours I’ve created and my coffee maker…


UPDATE October 2019: I found a better bed in Playa Del Carmen Mexico where Sebastian was born. We got to have it for 3 whole months and it was glorious. I do miss this bed though when we have a hard bed…like cement, in some places.

I love our bed and sheets.  It’s a Latex Mattress that is just firm enough but not rock solid.  When Shawn bounces around all night like Jackie Chan I only feel it when he bangs into me.  AND, our bamboo sheets.  They are soft and silky and smooth and delicious and wonderful.  I LOVE them.  I was laying in bed the other day just thinking about how much I love the comfort of our bed.  We are selling it though.  We want a smaller bed if and when we decide to find a permanent home again we’ll find new bamboo sheets and a latex mattress.


UPDATE October 2019: I miss our cats but we do find cats around the world to love on without all the killing…

WTF are we going to do with them?  Who will watch them – FOR SURE?  We are having the hardest time finding a great temporary home for them for one year.  They are awesome, sweet, weird, cray cray, talkative, insane, playful, loving and the best cats ever.  I am going to miss Hunter yelling for me every night when he comes home after hunting for his nightly leaf (he hunts leaves not live animals thank god).  He yells MOOOMMMMM, until I meow back and call to him.  He knows where I am yet it’s his nightly ritual.  And Maddie, bringing her blankie out into the hallway or under our bed when she is mad at Alex for having a sleepover somewhere else or being gone all day at rehearsal.  She talks and talks and makes you follow her to Alex’s room to rub her and talk for a bit.  CRAY CRAY.  I can’t imagine being gone for more than a year from these two.  After our year of travel, Alex will either take them wherever she will end up or we will come get them and take them with us wherever we might settle with Sam.  Hope they like the sun because we plan on living somewhere sunny.


UPDATE October 2019: I don’t miss my family at all any longer. A rift occurred with my family after we decided to travel. A lack of communication from them and a lot of unnecessary ridiculousness ensued. I had to say make the decision to separate myself from my parents, brother and extended family. For the first year I always felt so bad for my parents. Taking away our kids and not physically being there for them. I called almost every day. I texted with them. When they had some major life difficulties we helped fix the situation and get them help…all the way from Spain. So, in the 3yrs since I wrote this post, a lot has happened since we left and there were so many things I weren’t dealt with from my past and growing up and adulthood relationships with my family. I’m not saying that they are bad people, I’m just saying that they aren’t healthy for me to be around. So now my only family is Shawn and our 3 kids. That’s it and I’m so much more at peace. 

My entire family lives on my street currently.  We are even on the same block.  My parents, brother and niece. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye but it’s not like we won’t ever see one another again. We will come back to visit next year and then over the years.  Even though we aren’t planning on living in Washington ever again, it will always be our ‘home’.  Shawn and the kids were born and raised here in the Puget Sound area and I’ve lived here since I was 5yrs old.  Our entire family have lived here  since I was 5.  It will be weird, for lack of a better word, to not be in the same town much less state.

Top 10 Things I'll miss
Family Time on a Saturday!  Making Memories.


UPDATE October 2019: I don’t miss it because we have YouTube TV Subscription and a VPN so I am totally up-to-date on my favorite Bravo shows. BOOM!

I have a Bravo TV problem.  I love it.  My daughter loves it too.  We have our ‘programs’ we watch and it’s not only our twice weekly bonding TV watching Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, Below Deck and a few others.  I keep this channel on all day while I work as the white noise of it helps me focus. Except for the Atlanta Housewives, I can never concentrate with all the shade they are slinging at one another.  Do they have Bravo in other countries? What will I do with myself when I need to just sit and focus and blog or put together our Team Newsletters for our Scentsy business?


UPDATE October 2019: We have new routines. They work for us. Sometimes we have to be flexible on travel days and such or if we have some sort of activity planned but generally speaking, we still have routines.

Routines get a bad rap sometimes.  I love a good routine that I can count on and plan around.  I can count on having at least one hour a day all to myself.  No one home.  Just quiet time for me to focus or even just do whatever I want.  Listen to a video without my headphone plugged in so I don’t interrupt others.  I am super flexible though so I hope I will be okay.  I will still try to find one hour a day that is all mine, which brings me to #7

Top 10 Things I'll miss
One of my Squatty Potty’s


UPDATE October 2019: I freely admit I love a good Toilet and bathroom. It’s still my quiet place. I have gone through so many toilets and set ups that now I’m just happy when I don’t have to Squat over a hole to do my business. It’s the little things now that make me happy…having a Porcelain Throne.

I love pooping in my own toilet.  I have a Squatty Potty – 2 in fact. Check em’ out, they are AWESOME.  Anywho, I have one in our Downstairs bathroom and the other in my bedroom bathroom. The bathroom is my quiet place.  It’s where I play Candy Crush and can shut the door and have a few moments all to myself.  I don’t just do my bizness and leave, I linger.  Public restrooms or those at other people homes just aren’t the same as having your own toilet and 4 walls around you that are yours.  I will miss this a lot.


UPDATE October 2019: I actually like exploring the unknown now. We just wander the streets for dinner sometimes. Other times we look up places on Trip Advisor or Google Maps and see what has good reviews.

One of the benefits of living somewhere most of your life is that you know where most everything is, what exit to take or what lane to change over to at certain points on I-5 at different times of the day. What Thai place is better than the rest. Where you can go to Trader Joe’s and always run into someone you know. Not needing directions to get from place to place.  I like knowing things.  I do like adventure though and finding new places.  In Rome 2 Years ago, Shawn and I found our very favorite Gelato place on via Leonina – Gelateria dell’Angeletto (We loved it so much I did a trip advisor review so I’d never forget it).  We went there 3 times.  It was this cute little shop right across from the B&B we were staying.  It was hands down, the very best Gelato (or even ice cream type dessert) we’d ever had. We can’t wait to take our kids there this next year.  I’m sure we’ll find our way around places and get used to them in the time we are in each location


UPDATE October 2019: On Super wet and rainy days or if we are under the weather…we get all cozy and don’t bathe and stay in bed and watch our programs and order out. Sometimes Shawn will just go get us food and then we eat it in bed. 

Sometimes you just need to do nothing.  Go nowhere.  See no one beside your family that live with you.  When we travel we feel like we are wasting time when we just want to take a nap or lie around relaxing.  I hope that I can just have some down and chill time where I don’t feel like we need to explore every single day.  I also don’t want to miss anything either.  Sometimes just watching movies all day on the couch with the famdamily is necessary and I hope we house sit for some awesome places where we can just really enjoy our environment and take some days just to recharge.


UPDATE October 2019: I drove all over Spain for a month back in 2017 and then a little bit in Mexico and again when we were in the USA living in California and on our Summer Road Trip. I initially had an issue with not driving but now I’m totally like – whatever. I would white knuckle it in places like Sri Lanka and Italy but now I’m a pretty cool cucumber

Not sure how much driving well do vs. taking public transit.  When we were in New York there is no way we would even consider having a car. That’d be insane.  We figured out, quickly, how to use the Subway and bus systems. They were a bit confusing but we figured it out and never got lost.  Taxi’s are something we obviously know but I love driving.  A lot.  It’s relaxing to me and I also feel safer knowing that I’m the one driving my family around…not someone else I don’t even know’s driving record!  I hope we rent some awesome cars and that I get the hang of driving on the wrong side of the road in other countries.

I’m sure there are more things I’ll miss when we start our travels but for now, these were the top 10 that popped into my head.


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