Update on our family and travels June 2017

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post.  I update my Facebook page all the time because, well, it’s just easier and faster.

Peniscola Castle in Spain

I miss blogging though. I also haven’t kept up with it because I got behind. Hell, I haven’t even finished writing about our trip to Sri Lanka and that was 6 months ago now.

I planned on catching up but then that seemed daunting. Then I got pregnant and was so tired for 2 months that I didn’t give a shit about catching up.

I started feeling better about 3 months ago but I was even further behind and about 5 countries past Sri Lanka.


Anywho, I’m back. I think.

I’m just going to start where I am now and not make my posts so full of information and links and crap that takes forever.

We’ve stayed at over 50 places (lodging wise), 16 countries and 4 continents so far. That’s a lot of shit to write about right?

If anyone has questions for me on exactly where we stayed and such, just message me or leave a comment. We do keep a list for our records and family history.

If you are just catching up and don’t follow me on Facebook, here’s the latest:

It’s June 3rd 2017 and we are now in a tiny village on the coast of Spain called Benicarlo. It’s just about 4 kilometers East of Peniscola where Game of Thrones shoots scenes in the village of Mereen. Shawn and I visited there today while the teenagers stayed home.

I’m 22weeks pregnant with a little boy we currently refer to as #travelbaby. We are crazy to be re-starting and adding to our family as we are 43 (I turn 44 next month) and Shawn is 47. In January we were like…let’s get pregnant and then 2 weeks later we were! Crazy right?

Sam and Alex are doing great. Both are excited about #travelbaby but also they don’t necessarily feel like he will be a sibling in the same way they are to one another. They think they’ll feel more like and Aunt or Uncle. We shall all see.

We leave Spain in a week and will head to either Greece or Italy next before we have to head to the States, Kansas City Missouri of all places, in the middle of July, for our annual Scentsy Convention.

After being there for 5 days we head to Mexico for 4 months while we await the arrival of #travelbaby. The idea of sitting on the beach and eating tacos sounds awesome!

The plan is to head back to Seattle for Thanksgiving Christmas and head back out with Sam and our infant. We may go to California for Sam to Dance, Sing, act and Model or go somewhere else.

Alex will be staying in Seattle to start her life and career in the Pacific NW Musical Theatre scene. She already has a great job being a Virtual Assistant to the CEO and CFO of a fun company. They just gave her a raise. It will be weird to leave her and vice versa. Tears will be shed but we are all so close that we will talk at least every single day…if not more.

We want to buy a travel trailer and live in it so we can travel North America and possibly Central and South America. Sam has already designed his Bunk Room… so he’s excited to not live out of a backpack for a while.

When we first started talking about getting a trailer he was totally bummed and thought the idea sucked. Hopefully we can find a great and affordable trailer we can purchase outright and then renovate to look more modern and more like a tiny house inside than a typical beige trailer with jenky curtains and wallpaper.

Anywho, that’s the basic update on our family. I will be posting more soon so stay tuned!


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