Visiting Friends in Napa Valley and seeing San Francisco

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We had only planned on staying with Fred and Chery and Wiggles the hungry Chihuahua… for the weekend.

We had booked a motel in San Francisco for the 3 days after and it was right near a lot of fun walking areas and sites.

Fred is someone I’ve known since Alex was just 6 months old and I started working at a Seattle Employment Agency.

We sat right next to one another for almost 4yrs and built a fun and easy friendship with lots of sarcasm and wit. I always looked forward to seeing Fred except for when he was cranky…then he was a jerk. I was a jerk sometimes too so there ya go.

We’d never met Cheryl and we excited to see who this amazing woman was that was putting up with Fred the past few years.

Anywho, we got there and it was just like it there hadn’t been 6yrs between visits. Sam was 11 the last time we saw one another.

We picked up right where we left off and Sebastian fell in love with them both and Wiggles. Wiggles wasn’t so enamored of Sebastian though… Except for all the food he dropped that she quickly ate.

We’d never been to Napa and they live right in town. They took us to all kinds of fun restaurants and a few wineries around the valley for tastings. I don’t drink so I was basically the designated driver and toddler manager – perhaps for an actual toddler and some acting line ones.

It was FUN and chill and we just got to know Cheryl and she got to see Fred and I banter and he and Shawn get stupid together as per usual.

Sebastian likes to hold hands with new friends
Walking back with a sleeping babe after a long first night
Teaching Sebastian how to be “nice”
Wine tasting… With dogs and toddlers
Dinner our first night in Napa
Learning to waltz
Reading a book together
He ended up sobbing because I broke a piece off the cone so he’d try eating it instead of licking it.

We ate and talked and bonded and just fell into a great relaxed friendship once again.

Sebastian and Wiggles got quite close by the end of the visit. I even think she might miss his stealing all his toys and throwing her food and dumping her water out.

Wiggles secretly liked him

When it was time to go at the end of the weekend they offered to have us stay and cancel our motel. We jumped at the chance because it would not only save money but we’d get more time with our friends.

We travelled into San Francisco early the next day and were there until the early evening. We were so glad we opted to cancel our stay in town because we realized that one day there was more than enough for what we intended and wanted and there was also a heat wave and it was hot as balls.

Smelling the Seals
At Fisherman’s Wharf
Checking out the seals

The next day we decided to go to a fun Train amusement park that was geared towards little kids. The Sonoma TrainTown Railroad. This place was super cute. Most of the rides we’re closed for the day though. We thought it was because it was a weekday but regardless, the 2 rides he went on he loved. Especially the train. It’s about a 20 minutes ride all in all as they take you Midway to a petting zoo type of area. For 25 cents you could get Goat and Llama food to feed them. Sebastian was thrilled.


Happy to see goats in real life

Loving mommy hugs on the train
Less than amused by the Carousel

hen we left for real we hugged and knew that we’d not let so much time pass between the next visit.

This was our first time staying with friends while on the road and we had been nervous as to whether we’d feel like we were imposing. But honestly, it was great.

More wine tasting

Thanks again Fred, Cheryl and Wiggles. We love you guys.



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