Cardiff Wales is our Next Stop!

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UPDATE:  Well, this house sit fell through due to them not getting permission from their landlord. Lesson learned from both sides. We learned to ask some extra questions and they learned from this, their first housesit listing.

BOOM!  We got our 2nd House Sitting job booked.  This time we are going to Llantrisant which is just 13 Miles outside of Cardiff Wales.  September 21st – October 19th.

Sometimes I think that this entire nomadic family travel thing is still just a dream.

Every single day I look for, and apply to house sits around the world.  Today we are excited to find our 2nd sit which just happens to be outside Cardiff Wales

There are several Cities and towns nearby that we can visit with Castles, history, art, dance, theatre and FOOD!  We can’t wait.

The family we are sitting for – it’s their 1st time using house sitters as well so they are just as excited.

They have a Westie, a Tortoise, Ghekkos, a Chameleon, a variety of Snakes and Spiders and Stick Insects.  I am so excited to take care of all these pets!

I was so excited to tell Alex about the Spiders since she is deathly afraid of them.  The first thing she said was “no no no no no no no no no. Good thing I’m not taking care of them!”

Shawn has already started researching the area and found out that we can go the the Royal Mint and take the tour to see how money was made throughout Wales history.  I am a coin collector so I can’t wait.  Sam was more concerned with where Wales was. He sure will have a much better idea of where countries are located by the time we’re done with our year abroad.

In 2011, Cardiff was listed as one of National Geographic’s list of TOP places to visit.  Swansea is also nearby and Catherine Zeta-Jones is from there.  Not that this little factoid makes any difference to us but it could be on Jeopardy one day so now I know where in Wales she is from.

Shawn and I love history so this whole trip is a dream to us.  While the kids are off dancing and singing we will do the ‘boring’ stuff they don’t want to do and other times we’ll drag their butts along and make them learn and love where we are.

Here are some fun pictures of places we will be visiting for sure:

Dr William Price statue on Bullring at Llantrisant
Dr William Price statue on Bullring at Llantrisant
cardiff castle wales
Another view of Cardiff Castle
cardiff castle
One view of Cardiff Castle
cardiff wales
Wales Millennium Center
Swansea in Wales
Swansea in Wales
Swansea Wales Market
Swansea Wales Market



2 thoughts on “Cardiff Wales is our Next Stop!”

    1. Do it Caron. Seriously. Life is for living, exploring, growing and just being part of the world. Housesitting is opening up all sorts of doors and keeping our travels somewhat planned by where we get gigs. You should find one near you and try it out for less than a week and see if you like it…then try it. You can even put your house up as an AirBNB so you can come back whenever you want. Win Win!

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