Welcome to the family Buddy!

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All kids need a pet. It helps them learn to be gentle, teaches them compassion and how to care for someone and…it gives them a best friend.

Sam and Alex had dogs and cats growing up and they are definitely better for it.

Since we came back to the states 2 months ago and bought our RV, we have been discussing getting a dog or cat.

I prefer cats but also love dogs however, I despise litter boxes and our Winnebago Outlook 25j is only 26 feet long and not big enough IMO to put litter anywhere that is out of the way.

We plan on staying in North America for a long time and hitting all of the US and Canada and even parts of Mexico except taking normal vacations or of the country. If we go anywhere else from now on, for any length of time, we will take our fur family too.

Meet Buddy.

He’s 7 weeks old and a F1B Labradoodle. That means he’s 75% Poodle and 25% Labrador Retriever. We got him from a breeding family in Idaho, Gem State Doodles.

He has no problem driving, playing, pooping, eating or even barking and whining to tell us what he wants. Now, let the puppy training begin.

Sebastian and Buddy played together outside for the first time and I can’t tell who loved it more. Sebastian looks like he’s chasing his own tail.

Also, I gave him his first bath this morning. He didn’t love it but he also did really well. I also got to use our Scentsy Best Bud Suds. Now he smells and looks great. Well, he will after his nap. Baths are exhausting.

exhausted after his bath

stay tuned for more adventures with Buddy.


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