What is the IndeoDiet

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I mean really, what is it?  It’s a combination of Paleo, Whole Foods, Low Sugar, Simple Carbs and Candida.

That’s a Mouthful isn’t it?  How about we call it the IndeoDiet – short for Individual Diet.


I came up with this name last year when I was trying to figure out what diet lifestyle felt best to me.  Shawn and I were in agreement that Vegetarian and Candida diets were the ones we felt the best with but not all the rules for each were 100% right for each of us.

If you don’t stick exactly to the proposed ‘diet’ like paleo for example, and eat some Oreo’s then you are considered ‘cheating’.  Isn’t that super negative?

I mean really!  I ‘cheat’ often and it’s attached to a feeling of either shame for getting off track or petulance – me sticking my tongue at the ‘system’ I’ve chosen to follow.

There has to be a better way to live and eat.  One where you don’t feel like you have to cheat.

Dieting is personal.  One size doesn’t fit all.  If it did then we’d all be eating the same way right?

Shawn, Alex, Sam and I all like different things.  Some foods we love more than others and some we love the same.  Some make us feel great while others only make Shawn feel good.  It’s individual because we are individuals.

Think of the IndeoDiet as your own study of a diet lifestyle that fits your personal needs and nutrition.

For Example.  Shawn doesn’t want to give up Natural Peanut Butter.  Candida and other diets say NO WAY to peanuts while others say go for it.  You see this with every single food item out there.  One diet says its poison and a mold while another says it’s a great source of protein and good fat.

Who’s right?

Well, I think YOUR BODY is right.

What does your blood work up say?  Do you get headaches after eating certain foods?  What foods make you tired and which ones give you more energy and make you feel your best?  What is ‘sensible’ eating to you?

Maybe you feel best when you are Gluten free and follow more of a Paleo Lifestyle.

Do you feel best when you eat like a Vegan and get an Oreo cookie from time to time – cuz oreo’s are Vegan you know!

How about just eating unprocessed whole foods?  Nothing from a box.  Does this make your body work and feel it’s best?


My IndeoDiet plan

It’s different for each of my family but for me, I’m all about Simple carbs, Whole, Unprocessed Foods incorporating some Paleo guidelines with the Low Sugar ideals of the Candida Diet.  That is my IndeoDiet.

I think that it’s important to study and investigate the right diet for you.  Get a full blood work up from your doctor.  Take the results and research each of the ‘levels’ and numbers.  Learn about what vitamins are in each food and how they affect your system.

Do you have any issues that already make your diet difficult because you have certain foods you must avoid?

Then make sure you really teach yourself not only what each food item does to your body in terms of supplying vitamins and nutrients, sugars, how it affects your gut and organs and just log how those foods make your body feel after eating them.


To me, the US Food Pyramid is totally wonky.  I don’t think it’s a healthy nor realistic idea of what constitutes a ‘healthy’ diet at all.

For example.  Milk.  I drank milk by the gallons as a kid and young adult.  I also had a LOT of colds, bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia and always seemed to have an abundance of phlegm.  I was constantly on antibiotics to treat my ailments.

Not once did my doctors ask me or my Mom about my diet.  What was I drinking and eating?  NOPE.  Never asked.  How can a Doctor not ask this?  Well, because they are a doctor of medicine. It’s one thing to know the human body and how it works and what can be done to ‘fix’ it but to me, I think that knowing what caused the issue in the first place is the #1 thing to look at.  WHY are you constantly getting Bronchitis?

It wasn’t like I only saw one Doctor either.  I had childhood doctors and then doctors as an adult.  Never did any of them talk to me about my diet when I wasn’t feeling well.  The ONLY time they asked me about my diet was in regards to my weight – I was overweight most of my life. Even then, the conversation was about calories and fat intake.  Never about looking at my blood work to see where my levels were high or low in different areas.

Truthfully, it never even occurred to me that they should be asking me about my diet.  I was ignorant.  I had no idea that Food is Medicine.  Put bad food in my body and I get sick.  Put foods in my body that nourish and help me thrive and I’m at my optimal.

After teaching myself all about foods and nutrition over the past 9yrs (see why I started studying nutrition) I learned a lot about Milk and how dairy affects our bodies.  One thing that was SUPER interesting to me was how we feed animal milk to our children.

Did you know that Cows have 4 stomachs? They are vegetarians and have to eat a ton of food daily in order to keep up their energy.  Bulking up is what they do.  It’s how they were built.  Their milk is meant to feed their young and bulk them up.

Human breast milk isn’t meant to bulk up our children.  It’s meant to feed our brains and give us basic nourishment – not to bulk us up.

Why then are we feeding our children Milk from a Cow?  I have my own thoughts on this, based on my years of study, but you should ask this question yourself and look for an answer yourself.

This is just ONE ‘food’.  Milk.  Imagine all the other foods and drinks that we are ‘told’ is good or bad for us and we just blindly accept it.  We eat what we are told is good for us instead of eating what our bodies tell us make us function better.

Anyway, Figure out your own IndeoDiet.  Share with me what you think your IndeoDiet is!  I’d love to hear from you.



2 thoughts on “What is the IndeoDiet”

  1. Right on! So glad to hear these words echo the thoughts I have had for years. Now to just get myself ‘unaddicted’ to the foods that aren’t meant to nourish my body! And yeah… milk is over-rated. I haven’t had any in almost 10 years now. We’ve followed the Blood Type Diet for awhile (sort of). But I agree with you. You have to find out what works for YOUR body. There is no one-size-fits-all diet for everyone. Thanks for the read! Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts!

    1. Thanks Edna. I’ve come to the conclusion that we all need to do what works for each of us. If that means combining and pulling lifestyle and diet tips from a few diet styles the that’s what we should do. Create our own body diet.

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