Bright white 3rd Nipple - White spots on skin

White skin spots or a 3rd Nipple?

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White skin spots or a 3rd Nipple?

Okay, yes it’s crass but… that’s me.

I was born milky white or ‘butt white’ as my family calls it.

Here I am at 6 months. Not a freckle or bit of olive skin in sight… I was super cute but was the color of nonfat milk. My entire body could be considered full of white skin spots right?

Me at 6 months old
Me at 6 months old

Not a single freckle other than a single birthmark in the shape of an arrow post it note – on my left rib cage. That’s it.

Sunblock has been a longtime companion of mine. No matter how much I used though I would still burn, get freckles and then turn mostly white again.

When I was 16 I had started ‘tanning’ in tanning beds. It was all the rage and my mom loved doing it. She was born in California and living in Washington State, where it’s overcast and cool 9 months out of the year – she needed some sun on her skin and some warmth.

The difference was that she actually tanned and had a different skin pigment than me. When I’d tan I’d get those friggin’ freckles and these white skin spots. I should never have gone tanning for the purpose of – getting a tan!

I had pneumonia that same year and went to the Doctor. After he checked my back with his stethoscope to check my breathing  said – “Well, you have pneumonia but I’m actually more concerned about the fact that your back looks like a 40yr old’s!”

My mom and I were like WHAT? My back looked older than hers? Not cool at all!

I mean, it wasn’t leathery or anything, quite the contrary. But it was all the moles and freckles that concerned him. I’ve had a couple of moles checked out over the years that were weird colors or mishapen though and all were just fine. I just am a moley moley person.


From that point on I was SUPER focused on my skin. I learned all about SPF, UVB, levels of blocker, etc. I tried every kind of product out there to make sure I found the one that worked the best and kept me milky white.

Over the years I still got burnt though. When I was about 20yrs old I noticed this much larger white skin spot on my right hand.

It’s like a big white freckle. There is no cause for alarm though. It’s not something cancerous or cause for worry. It’s just my “Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis”.

WTF is that?

I’ve always seen itty bitty ones on my arms and legs but this was the first time I’d seen it large and by itself.

Well, it’s really unknown as to why ‘you’ get white skin spots but they believe it’s hereditary and that if your family has a history of early grey (thanks Dad – he had grey hair in his 20’s). Or if you are fair skinned and a Woman then…it’s more common.

As you age or have sun exposure you get these white freckles where there is no pigment or melanin producing cells are deteriorating. There is also just more of a degenerative issue for some as well but that’s not me.

I’ve seen little white freckles appear since my 20’s on my legs and arms and sometimes super small ones on my chest. Basically where I get the most sun – even with sun block!

white freckles on my arm- White skin spots
white freckles on my arm- White skin spots

Last year I got this friggin spot. A HUGE 3rd Nipple is what I call it. It has a teeny tiny mole or freckle in the center of it. FML!

my 3rd Nipple - White spots on skin
my 3rd Nipple – White spots on skin

Here’s the CLOSE UP of my 3rd Nipple. You can see all the itty bitty white freckles blended in with my sin along with my freckles and little moles.

my 3rd Nipple close up - White spots on skin
my 3rd Nipple close up

This was before we even started traveling so I can’t blame it on all the beach time we’ve had which, I am ALWAYS wearing Sun block. I can’t even imagine what my skin would look like if I didn’t slather myself in it.

I have mostly little spots on my arms, a few bigger ones I can see on my legs too but because I’m still so pasty white there you can’t really tell. If I get more sun there then you can tell.

Personally, I think this is why I can’t tan on my legs. Most of the skin is probably melanin free.

I think I’ve had these spots since childhood but as I’ve gotten sun they’ve been highlighted.

A few days ago Alex comes to me and says… “Is THIS one of your white spots?” and shows me the back of her leg near the calf.

Crap! She has her first spot. She was like “Why does Sam get all the good skin stuff and I get all the crap?” Seriously, she does. She also just showed us a little eczema spot on her inner arm but that is from Shawn’s genes, not mine! So far Sam is blessed with all the good skin stuff.

Good times.

Besides the white spots though, I’ve had great skin. Never had acne or oily skin. I’ve had some pimples in my teens and a few adult pimples but nothing crazy. I do get Rosales if I use scented or harsh products on my face but I’ve had that under control since my 20’s. My skin is soft (probably from all the lotion) and Every time I’ve gotten tested I am free of skin cancer so, I’m feeling okay about these white freckles. Some people have much worse skin problems than I do.

Anyway, just wanted to share in case there are other white freckled freaks out there with weird 3rd nipples.

I don’t use cover up to hide the spots but I just noticed that there is one starting on my forehead. If that one becomes really high profile I might start wearing some cover up and I hate wearing make up. I’m not super vain but c’mon – I don’t want a white nipple on my face.



7 thoughts on “White skin spots or a 3rd Nipple?”

    1. Yes! I found it in Spain and it’s better than any other sunblock I’ve ever used. It’s Garnier (of all brands!) Its in Spanish but it says it’s milk protectorant. 30 FPS in an order ange bottle. I should’ve bought more and search for it now to no avail.

  1. Hi Wendy, I have a white spot like that on my chin which has been there as a tiny spec now has grown 3mm, is it normal. how big was your spor on the hand when you first noticed it? did it appear that big just one day or has it grown. please let me know i am worried sick. Thank you.

    1. Hi Laksh, I’m not a doctor but… I am aware that many people do lose pigment as they age. If you are worried I would go see a dermatologist and have them verify that this is just a loss of pigment or something else that you do need to worry about. One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is that I can’t bury my head and worry. Facing things head on is so much healthier too. Let me know what you find out. ❤️

  2. Hey Wendy, thanks for sharing. I just got 5-6 of these spots last summer at 45 and have already noticed a new one after getting some more sun this summer. I am having a hard time trusting my skin. I am very pale also. I keep scanning my skin to see if the spots have grown or more new spots have appeared. I am terrified to go out in the sun and wear short and tshirts. Just wondering if you have any advice how you deal with this. I just don’t want these things spreading everywhere. When I am pale you can’t even notice them but still I hate them. How often to more come up and what’s the key to stopping them for you? You seem to have a very good mindset about it. Which I don’t. Anyway Thanks again for your time and support!

    1. You should go see a dermatologist if you are worried. I wear a lot of sunblock. Hawaiian tropics 30 spf makes me never burn but even getting a little brown I can see the spots on my arms more. I think it’s for sure worth the peace of mind to get a professional opinion

      1. Thanks Wendy. I have been to a derm and they said it’s most likely Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis (IGH) which are like white freckles. I think putting tons of lotion and constantly re-appling is what I’m going to do. If i don’t tan too much you don’t even really see them so i guess it’s not the worst thing in the world but I don’t love the idea of having dozens of these all over my body in the as the years go by but i guess thats part of life. Its nice to read your story and know i’m not alone.

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