Why Travel to Sri Lanka

Why Travel to Sri Lanka?

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Why not travel to Sri Lanka?

Okay, so here’s why we really chose to travel to Sri Lanka.

We were in England and we had decided to change our plans from traveling around Europe in the winter. We’d been in the UK for 2 months and it was getting colder which meant that we were whining a bit.

Cold makes it harder to travel and get around especially when you have chosen to only travel by public transportation like us. If we were car renters then maybe we might have pressed on.

We had 2 weeks to decide where else we wanted to go so we weren’t raped by flight prices.

In our discussions with the kids we determined that being in the UK was too much like being in the states and that we didn’t feel like we’d really started having adventures on our travels. Meaning…we all wanted to go somewhere more exotic.

I pulled up Google Maps and we all started discussing what exotic meant to all of us. This led us to SE Asia.

After we all started researching ourselves and together, we’d come up with a handful of ideas and places.

India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam.

At first we’d settled on Vietnam. It sounded about as far from where were as any place in terms of culture, food, weather and people.

About 5 days later we’d realized that there was NO WAY we could go to Vietnam during the period we’d planed – November 12-December 11.


Well, this period of time was both the kid’s birthdays and the busiest time of the year for our business. I’d woken up in the middle of the night and realized that I’d better check our phone plan to see if we had service in Vietnam.

Nope. Vietnam is the only country we’d planned on visiting that wasn’t included in our phone service plan.


Shawn and I decided that we were going to travel to Sri Lanka instead and then visit Vietnam a few months later in our slower season for work. And, we had all been watching a reality TV series called Tour Group on the Bravo Network and they went to 2 cities in Sri Lanka and it looked exotic and affordable and totally out of our comfort zone.

Again, Why Sri Lanka over other places though?

Map of Sri Lanka travel

It finally came down to price of flights. It was cheaper to travel to Sri Lanka from London than anywhere else on our list. Bangkok was 2nd cheapest but we’d already had plans to go to Thailand for Christmas as we had a 3 week housesit booked and the timing wouldn’t work for our Visas.

Anywho. For our family of 4 I booked 4 flights which cost a total of $1,638. I mean, it wasn’t cheap but it was way cheaper for only booking 4 days in advance of traveling. BOOM!

Booking our flights to Sri Lanka was one thing but actually traveling those 22hrs and all the chaos that ensued from taking a budget airline that sucks… is another story. Read about why you should NEVER fly Pegasus Air!

Also, after researching cost of living and eating in Sri Lanka, we could really stay for less than $50 a day on average for our family of 4 in Hostels. We budget ourselves $1500 a month in Lodging which is just $100 more than we paid monthly for Rent back home.



2 thoughts on “Why Travel to Sri Lanka?”

  1. I can’t believe I am reading this as Ashley and I were just discussing all these exact topics. We both thought you were a genius planner and had every single trip planned and then we wondered if you bought all the tickets at once or what??? I thought no because I remembered you switched it up to riding trains and busses too. So thanks once again for always being spot on. I loved your Sri Laken visit in pictures and stories. The most special and favorite of mine is the sweet family you met and the little children and the joy on the peoples faces.

    1. Right Cheryl? I never thought I would be planning this way either. I truly thought I’d have 3 months in a row at least. It’s more fun and interesting planning as we go as things do change and shift in our lives and attitudes as well as weather. We loved meeting our friends in Sri Lanka. We still are connected on Facebook with the family and especially their daughter – the one with the two little girls. She is much more active on Facebook so it’s fun to keep up with her and vice versa.

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