Would you go out alone to a bar in a foreign country?

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Shawn likes to go out every once in a while and enjoy the nightlife. In Japan he did his first pub crawl in years and had a great time. He likes to talk to people and is very social. I recognize that he needs these moments to just unwind, get away and have some drinks with others and have conversations and experiences outside of us.

Anywho, he did the Tokyo pub crawl in Shibuya because he tried going out but didn’t speak Japanese and came home super early and disappointed.

Going to a paid pub crawl generally means there are other tourists and everyone speaks some English…no matter what country you are in.

So, his Japan pub crawl was a lot of fun and he met some cool people and learned more about bar culture there.

Yesterday he signed up for a pub crawl here in Belgrade Serbia. He did so because he read that most bars and clubs are generally reserved seating or are places you go with others…not to meet new people.

While he was walking to his meeting place he received the message in the photo.

He was bummed but decided to stay out and explore.

He went to a cool bar where the bartenders were craftsmen. They made unique and exotic drinks. It too was a reservation and sit down with friend situation but he was told there was a single seat at a “barrel” he could sit at if he liked. He took it and just a bit later a better spot opened up so he moved.

There he met a young couple who he started chatting with. It happens that they own a nightclub here and it’s the biggest in town. They told him that they would hook him up there if he wanted to go. They had other plans last night so they gave him their brothers info who was going to be there.

Shawn headed over later and ended up in a VIP area with free drinks all night. He said that no one danced together or how you would at a club in the states or in Thailand or other places we’ve been. You just sit or stand in your area that you’ve reserved with table service and…hang out all night.

You learn a lot from a town and country by going to the pubs, bars and even the clubs.

Shawn met a great couple that we are now friends with and plan to visit in England…from a club in Chiang Mai Thailand.

He comes home a bit tipsy, with a smile on his face and lots of stories to tell me from his night and his new friends.

He thanked me this morning for letting him go. The truth is that I’m not as social and also, I’ve done the club and bar scene plenty. It’s not on my list of needs any longer. I’d rather be with Sebastian, at home, playing with him and then having some quiet time once he’s asleep to just be silent and maybe write or even just watch a Bravo show.

That recharges me.

Would you go out alone in a foreign country and do what Shawn does? To him it’s an adventure and exciting.


43 thoughts on “Would you go out alone to a bar in a foreign country?”

    1. He’s only ever had one issue and that was in Sri Lanka 3 years ago. He went out and hung with locals drinking a local drink that they were all use to. Basically it ended up being really bad for his system and acted like a psychedelic drug or something. He came home sort of crazy and our teenagers and I were definitely worried about him and also upset for him not being safer. After that (our first bad experience) we made a lot of rules for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.

  1. I have never really been into the bar scene in the states, but the way he describes it in Serbia might be more my scene!

    1. Traveling has really shown both of us so many things that we hadn’t ever thought of. Even going to bars and clubs we’ve learned a lot about each country and how things work and which way he prefers. We were totally surprised that kids go to pubs in the UK and that they even have play areas out back in many. Blew our minds. Going back now with a toddler we will most likely visit pubs so Shawn can socialize and we can all be together.

  2. Taci- Life Beyond Zebra

    As a pretty tiny female who doesn’t drink chances are I wouldn’t go on a pub crawl alone, my mom though loves to find a local bar and hang out whenever she travels. I think it’s up to whatever your comfortable with.

  3. If I were a man I would. For a woman there are more safety concerns. I have been to pubs on my own in Britain and it was ok. I did not do it for meeting people though, so I had a book with me, it must have looked weird and kept people away 🙂

    1. I have found that I love going to Movies by myself and have also gone to pubs and bars alone because I was on a business trip or I was meeting friends but, I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a club or bar alone…just to go.

    1. I’m not nervous or anything but I’m just over the going out to clubs and bars just to have fun or meet people. I’m super boring now. 😉

    1. Right? It didn’t occur to me either until we were in Japan and he was isolated because of the language barrier. The next day he researched bars to go to for expats and found pub crawls were recommended when they all first arrived.

  4. As a female, I’d hesitate to go out to a bar in a foreign country just for safety reasons. Sounds like you had a great time though!

    1. I think you definitely have to exercise caution just like if you were at home going out alone. That’s what we’ve discovered at least… going out in Seattle alone and living there my entire life was still scary at times.

  5. I think being female it makes the situation a bit different. However, I did travel solo when I was younger and I did go to more pubs then night clubs and I met some really nice people and had a great time.

    1. We meet a lot of solo female travelers. You’d be surprised at how this day and age it is actually safer sometimes because as soon as people know you are alone…and a female, the community actually takes care of and watches out for you. I’m sure that if you exercise caution and use your spidey senses you can tell right away if something doesn’t seem right and go find a safe environment.

  6. I used to travel internationally for work and often went to restaurants, bars and sightseeing by myself. I always researched first to make sure it was a safe area – and if I got a weird vibe, I’d head back to the hotel. I think if you use the same precautions as you do in your own hometown, you can meet some incredible people and make lasting memories.

    1. That’s exactly what we both do. We also have plans in place for when either of us goes anywhere alone. We text when we get to a place and also send a link to where we are at and don’t leave until we message our new destination and address and again…rinse and repeat.

  7. Thats a hard question, I have def had a few drinks abroad, but I think it’s important to be mindful. And I hate to admit it, and perhaps this is an outdated notion, but I do think women need to be more on alert. However, I do commend him for having such a great time – and I bet the stories are awesome!

  8. For me… going solo to an American bar is intimidating. Couldn’t imagine a foreign bar but perhaps in the daytime close to the hotel I was staying in! I’m always up to blending in with the culture and meeting new people so it would be a fun challenge.

  9. When I was a Spring chicken I traveled domestically, went to movies, dinners, and even concerts alone. I haven’t don’t anything solo internationally. I’m quite cautious so unless I know the area a bit, I’d hesitate a solo outing.

  10. I agree with others, being a female makes it harder. It is sad but true. Besides that, I am like you. I did those things when I was younger and even then, not my thing. I will rather be home, relaxing and hanging out. Perhaps a good book in hand. 🙂 However, we did do a pub crawl in Germany and that was fun!

  11. I wouldn’t go hang out at a club, even in my own country, alone. My husband enjoys staying in as a family and I am happy doing that as well. I do like to talk to the locals and learn about the areas we are in, as a traveling family.

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