Yellowstone or BUST!

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Next up was a visit to Jackson Hole Wyoming where we stayed at the Snake River KOA. It was a small campground but we were right on the river in a tent site – 103. Listening to the sound of water rushing by is always relaxing to us so we were pretty happy.

It was a good sized site but no direct river access. The sites next to us did however but it didn’t matter because you were supposed to walk a little down the path to the river bank opening. The water was cold and fast so we decided to not go in with the Shibbster past the first 2 feet… Unless we wanted to risk him being carried away.

Our site #103
How cute are they?

We stayed 2 nights. We arrived late in The day and the next day went into town to have some lunch and walk around.

Sebastian fell in love with this bear hat so we HAD to get it! We went into every single shop and actually got some cute souvenirs and even a new coat for Sebastian and the best down blankets at Eddie Bauer for 50% Off. Score.

I mean… C’mon! So stupid cute
Sebastian didn’t like the bear…
Shawn and Al having a chat
Me getting frisky with Ben
Getting down with his first push pop

The next day we headed out to Yellowstone Westgate KOA. It was only about an hour or so away.

This was a bigger KOA with more to do like go swimming in the indoor pool. We unpacked and set up within 30 minutes and got Sebastian in the pool. We also had a great time playing at the playground and making new friends


He was mad because he wanted Shawn to go on the slide with him and then… Cried when he did just that. Jerky toddlers!

While we really like KOA’a, our favorite is still the Monterey Bay KOA Santa cruz in California. Nothing else has beat that one in every category possible.

The next day we headed out to explore Yellowstone but not before making friends with the cows just behind our tent! Sebastian had never heard a real cow Moo in person before. He was mooing all morning with them.

As we drove we saw geysers and tons of dead trees. We even saw quite a few Bisen.

Old Faithful
Blew our minds…not really but now we’ve seen it
Literally right next to the parking lot. Sebastian was in awe
Yellowstone Canyon
He was so happy to be surrounded by such beauty
Just stunning in person. This photo doesn’t do it justice
All the dead trees… But they were so pretty still
The Lake… The color was so blue and clear and freezing cold

One Bisen was even chilling out in the parking lot! We were maybe 15 feet from this big fella. Sebastian thought he was pretty cool. I was making sure we could make a fast getaway to safety is one of the other tourists got too close and scared him…which was a real possibility.

We made it to Old Faithful and only had to wait 10 minutes before seeing the eruption. I LOVED listening to the crowd ooh and ahhh. While I can now say I’ve seen it… I could’ve lived without doing so. Shawn loved it. I personally thought the smaller geysers were prettier but they definitely didn’t shoot up as high.

I know… I am weird but I prefer finding some new edible treat or stumbling onto something instead of going to see a site that everyone else is headed to.

We drove around part of the lake for what seemed like hours and we only covered maybe 1/4 of it. Very pretty for sure but icy cold. Shawn had me stop quite a few times for some pretty landscape photos.

Our last stop was the Canyon. I actually thought it was beautiful and the colors of both the water, waterfall and then the sides of the canyon were stunning. I find that I prefer finding things unexpectedly than going in with some sort of expectation.

For example, I always thought the Eiffel Tower was Black. It’s like a beige color though. I don’t know why I thought that but I don’t think it was all that and a bag of chips. It was pretty at night though when the lights come on and twinkle at 10pm.

Anywho, we headed back to our KOA and made dinner and had some more pool time.

The next day we were heading out to Meridian Idaho to stay with friends and visit our Scentsy corporate offices. We had a 6hr drive ahead of us and tried to go to bed early so we could be up and out early.

See ya Yellowstone, it’s been real!


33 thoughts on “Yellowstone or BUST!”

  1. My husband always wanted to go to Yellowstone, and I just never had it on my list of places to go. Well, we went a few years back and I fell in love. I was shocked at how much there is to see and do and now we are planning a second trip there soon.

  2. Love! Great photos. Glad you all had a great time there. I tend to shy away from the famous, touristy spots that everyone flocks to as well! I thoroughly hope to get out there sometime very soon!!

    1. Agree. There’s something about going to a place because everyone else says to go there. Maybe I need reverse psychology. Don’t go there…you won’t like it! 🤣

  3. I’ve always said I want to take a summer and just spend it in Yellowstone. These photos are going to leave me daydreaming about it all day now. Thanks. 😛

  4. That’s amazing that the bison was that close, just chilling in the parking lot. Yellowstone is on my list, but I’d definitely be interested in things to see besides just Old Faithful. The Canyon looks gorgeous.

  5. When you wrote: “I am weird but I prefer finding some new edible treat or stumbling onto something instead of going to see a site that everyone else is headed to,” I immediately thought “I am the same way!”

    And I also thought the Eiffel Tower was black. I think it’s because it is usually painted that way.

  6. okay that picture going down the slide was too funny. Looks like an amazing trip though. I think I would’ve been one of those people staring that geyser saying “ooooohhhhhh” I’m an annoying tourist like that. lol

  7. I haven’t made it to Yellowstone yet, but looks like you had a great time. I love the combination of exploring and relaxing that you did – sounds perfect.

  8. I so want to go to Yellowstone. I’m hoping to talk my family into the west this year. I loved to drive around to all the parks and explore. Your photos are great.

  9. I’ve never been to Yellowstone so definitely need to make that happen. So beautiful. And that bear hat looks so adorable on your son!

  10. I’ve never been to Yellowstone but now that I’ve read your post, I need to change that asap! I’m pinning this to my travel wishlist board for future reference. Thanks!

  11. I enjoyed the candor. It’s true some of yellowstone is more awe inspiring then others and not necessarily the more publicized attractions. Glad it was fun!

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